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New colors for roller shutters

New colors for roller shutters

New colors for roller profiles - cherry, walnut, golden oak

We are informing you about the expansion of the assortment of profiles and components for roller shutters in "tree" colors - cherry, walnut and a new golden oak. New golden oak (19) Cherry (49) Walnut (59)

Roller rolling profiles, boxes, covers, tires and end profiles in new colors are introduced into the assortment. Thus, now all the elements of the roller systems in the colors "under the tree" are harmoniously combined with each other.

The rolling shutters "golden oak", "cherry", "walnut" perfectly match the texture of natural wood, giving the building an element of exclusivity and prestige.

Painting of extruded profiles and side covers in "tree" colors was made possible by commissioning a modern decoration line.

The decoration process consists in the sequential application of two layers of powdered polymer coating:

- basis - substrate, providing protective and decorative properties;

- a decorative pattern that mimics the texture of a tree.

The new coating for wood extruded profiles has a polymeric profile that guarantees high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Thus, profiles painted with the new technology can be used both indoors and out (including in aggressive atmospheric conditions).

New colors of wood-rolling systems from Alutech are high quality and original design at an attractive price! We are confident that our customers will appreciate the new products at their true worth.

Constantly offering partners new products, GC "ALUTEH" confirms the reputation of the innovative leader of rolling systems.


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