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Buy garage doors in Chernigov

Buy garage doors in Chernigov

Buying a garage door is a responsible job. To choose the right gate you need to consider many factors:

  • Gate Maker
  • Company representing the interests of the plant
  • Reliability of installation
  • Gate Quality
  • Price
  • Completion of the gate
  • Automation used

On the market of Chernigov there are gates of different world manufacturers.

All these manufacturers differ from each other in quality and price. That by itself implies a direct dependence of the price of the product on its quality.

When cheap materials are used to make components, accordingly, a low price is obtained, and vice versa.

Yes, we can not talk only about the cost and quality of raw materials, the structure of the company and its logistics play a very big role.

The most advantageous offer on the territory of the Chernihiv region is the sectional gate of the company "Alutech". Sandwich panels (thickness 45mm) and other components are manufactured in the Republic of Belarus. The products undergo strict quality control. All the garage doors "ALUTEH" have the CE marking, which is mandatory in the EU countries.

The official representative of the company "Alutech" in the Chernihiv region is the Firm "Triumph VT". The company uses the original profiles, accessories and accessories "Alutech", production and installation correspond to all technologies and regulatory documents.

Specially trained personnel will conduct a qualitative consultation on all aspects of the operation of sectional, sliding, swing gates, as well as all types of automation for them.

The customer is provided with samples, a demonstration of the work of demo stands is held, consults on all parameters of the gate operation and automation.

The company "Triumph VT" has established itself as a "reliable supplier" of rolling and gate systems, as well as automation in the Chernigov region.


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Electric drives for gates Alutech

Electric drives for garage gates Alutech

In the consumer market today there are many companies that produce various drives, allowing you to automate the gate. The best option is the products of the company Alutech. Products are perfectly adapted for use in our area. Electric actuators for Alutech gates are produced by the manufacturer from Belarus. He was one of the few who managed to combine affordable cost with reliability and comfort. With these devices it is worth getting closer.


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