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Fittings for sliding gates

Fittings for sliding gates

Buy accessories for sliding gates in Chernigov in stock:

  • Fittings kit for sliding gates weighing 300 kg
  • A set of accessories for sliding gates weighing 400 kg; (Super price)
  • A set of fittings for sliding gates weighing 450 kg; (Reliable goods)
  • Fittings kit for sliding gates weighing 500 kg
  • A set of accessories for sliding gates weighing 700 kg

There is a guide with a length of 6 meters. It is noteworthy that the 450 kg. Fittings for sliding gates, the price of which is quite affordable, is very popular. The complete set of this equipment includes:

  • The guide rail is 6 meters long with dimensions of 70 * 60 mm;
  • Roller carriages - 2 pieces
  • Roller end - 1 pcs;
  • Skoba top - 1 pcs;
  • Lower catcher - 1 piece
  • Blanket - 1 piece


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Optimal control for sliding gates

Device for controlling sliding gates - how to choose

The choice in this case depends on many factors. Competent approach will help you choose the optimal device for controlling the sliding gate. To buy metal gates is only half the battle, since it is not always convenient to open them yourself, especially in the case when the opening is very wide. Yes, and the design itself is quite heavy, so without automation here is not enough.


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