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What is the difference between the gate section and Alutech

What is the difference between the gate section and Alutech

Sectional gates are very popular among consumers, because they have a stylish design, resistance to burglary, well protect against external influences. In addition, thanks to the lifting opening, they save the space in which they are installed. One of the most popular gates on the market, due to its reliability and a wide range of models, is the sectional gate Alutech. They are firmly established in the modern market and continue to occupy a leading position in sales. In our store in Chernigov, you can buy this type of products at absolutely affordable prices.

Kinds of gate Alutech

Sectional garage doors are a locking structure, the main components of which are sections of sandwich panel material, connected together by means of loops. Different models of Alutech gates can differ among themselves with such characteristic features:

  • The color of the sections, because the color scale of such products includes more than forty standard shades and three variations of sandwich panels in shades of natural wood;
  • The shape of the pattern of sections, which can be represented in the form of corrugations, a certain type, a microwave and a panel;
  • The type of performance that can give the gate such qualities as strength, resistance to weather changes, thermal insulation, soundproofing and other indicators;
  • The way of functioning of the structure, which can be mechanical, with the use of a special spring, and can be arranged on the principle of automatic activation;
  • The price of the sectional gate of Alutech, depending on the variety of these constructions, can differ.


Due to its practicality and reliability, the gates are used in many industries. They become an integral part of garages, warehouses, country cottages and many other buildings. Thanks to the crack resistance, high soundproofing and heat-insulating properties, the area of ​​application of the gate Alutech extends to both domestic and industrial needs. Simplicity of installation is an additional positive factor, allowing you to install a gate without any help from specialists if you show a little skill. Our store «Triumph WT» in Chernihiv provides an opportunity to choose the locking design of Alutech, taking into account such parameters as color, appearance, size, additional features, because our range is quite extensive and able to satisfy the taste of absolutely any consumer.


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