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What are the benefits of protective shutters

What are the benefits of protective shutters

The protective rolls have firmly entered the life of modern man, as a means of additional protection of any structure. Such structures were created on the principle of blinds, but they differ dramatically from their functionality and principles of use. Protective roller shutters, in most cases, have an aluminum or steel base, which makes them quite durable and resistant to burglary. These protective devices are mounted from the outside of the room to the window or door connectors, providing them with additional reliability. Such shutters are aesthetically pleasing and provide a high level of security; after installation, they do not need additional processing, unlike classic grids, and are mounted much faster, without damaging window frames or door frames.

Functions of rolling shutters

Protective shutters on windows made in the form of a roller shutter are considered to be multifunctional products providing such types of additional comfort conditions:

  • Protection from light, in cases when the room should be protected from sunlight;
  • Protection from cold - the shutters have good heat-saving properties and perfectly protect against penetration of cold air flows into the room;
  • Protection from external noise;
  • Additional security conditions, because the direct purpose of the roller shutter is protection against penetration, they all have a fairly high level of anti-burglary reliability.

Application area

Roller shutters were originally used to protect storage facilities, but eventually they found their application in virtually all spheres of human activity. Such designs protect private homes from foreign penetration, fixing the shutters to windows and doors. Residents of high-rise buildings, whose apartments are located on the first floor, using security shutters enhance their security. These products are also used for industrial purposes, they are additionally protected by doors and windows of offices, shops, warehouses and many other premises. Buy roller shutters from the best manufacturers can be in our store «Triumph WT» in Chernigov, while the price of protective rollets will pleasantly surprise by its loyalty and availability. Our advantage is that our range allows you to choose roller shutters for window and door openings, regardless of the volume of doors or windows that need to be reinforced. We will help you to choose shutters taking into account all individual parameters, while additional equipping of structures with automatic operation system is possible.


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