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Automatic sliding gates

Automatic sliding gates

Today, there are a large number of varieties of gate closures, but most of them occupy a fairly solid area when closing or opening. The most optimal option for people who value space and comfort, will be a sliding automatic gate. A special practicality and ease of use are distinguished by a gate with an automatic operation system.

Features of automatic sliding gates

Gates of recoiling type with automatic opening system are considered the most practical and reliable due to such qualities:

  • They consist of metal frames, fundamental bands on which the base and the base itself slides, made of a thin interlayer of metal;
  • Sliding gates represent an integral structure, due to which they are considered to be resistant to burglary;
  • Automatic control system allows you to open and close the gate without applying extra effort;
  • Such a gate can be pulled out from any side, as it is convenient for the owner of the building;
  • Due to the fact that the closing installations are moving close to the leading walls, the territory is significantly saved, which should be free when opening the gate;
  • The cost of sliding gates in our store in Chernigov, quite affordable, and the quality while achieving the highest rates;
  • The period of operation of automatic shut-off systems significantly exceeds the expiry date of other types of gates;
  • The main advantage of the products is that these devices function perfectly under all weather conditions, regardless of air temperature, precipitation and even sticking of wet snow, as the sliding mode of operation perfectly copes with any obstacles.


Most often, sliding protection systems are used for industrial areas, but often there are cases of using gates for fencing summer cottages, for closing parking lots, warehouses, workshops. In fact, the scope of these structures is not limited, due to the multifunctionality of the devices. The functionality of the gate depends on the additional equipment in the form of an automatic drive, so when buying the units, special attention should be given to these elements. To buy automatic sliding gates in Chernigov, today it is possible in many shops, but our company "Triumph VT", as an official partner of Alutech Company, offers our customers products from the best automatic gate manufacturer in the CIS countries, which guarantees immaculately high quality of its products, affordable prices and a long service life of the gate.


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