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Selection of fittings for sliding gates

Selection of fittings for sliding gates

Of all the existing types of gates, recoiling structures are very popular. This is due to the simplicity, convenient operation, unpretentious care and durability. Buying a sliding gate, it is necessary to take extra care of quality furniture. Successfully selected parts will significantly extend the life of the gate. What exactly is included in the set of accessories for sliding gates?

  • Guide rail (beam or rail). The length of this part varies from 5 to 7 m;
  • Roller carriages. For sliding gates you need two pieces. The carriages may be equipped with wheels made of metal or polymeric material;
  • Upper rollers designed to keep the gate from swinging;
  • Catchers for the gates (upper and lower);
  • End roller and plug;
  • Bracket holding.

Some people believe that the price of fittings for sliding doors is too high, so they buy individual parts of the kit, neglecting the purchase of stubs and catchers. This point of view is incorrect, because the cost of individual elements will cost you more than the price for the whole set. This is a principled position of the factories, from the shops of which there is an outfit for sliding gates.

Purchase of fittings for sliding gates

Today the market has an impressive assortment of sliding gate fittings, the price of the product varies depending on the manufacturer. An unprepared person is not easy to navigate in the variety of products offered. In order not to get into trouble, buying a set of accessories for sliding gates, carefully consider each detail. Pay special attention to the guide profiles. It would seem that this is quite an ordinary product, but in fact, to produce such a part, expensive equipment is needed. Some unscrupulous companies save on the purchase of machines, and this negatively affects the quality of profiles. If the guide is defective, you are unlikely to achieve a smooth gate movement. They will warp, get stuck, delivering you considerable discomfort.

Another important point - the selection of videos. If we talk about polymer wheels, they are more noiseless (but only if the parts are perfectly flat). And metal wheels have a longer service life due to their resistance to changes in weather conditions, as well as the influence of aggressive environments. In severe frost, the polymer fittings for sliding gates may simply crumble. And under the influence of welding, the parts will melt.

To ensure that the gate works smoothly for a long time, it is worth giving preference to quality fittings. Do not need to save on such details, otherwise you will have to pay extra for repairs in the future. The choice of products is really significant, so take the time to get acquainted with the entire range offered by modern manufacturers.


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