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Sectional industrial gates Alutech

Sectional industrial gates Alutech

Industrial gates Alutech - an excellent solution in situations where it is necessary to close the openings of various objects. Such designs are widely used in warehouses, at stations of those. maintenance, car washes, fire brigades and other structures. Due to the wide variety of systems, industrial sectional doors can be installed in rooms of any size (with ceilings of different heights, sloping roofs, etc.). If a gate is to be installed in a spacious room, the structure is further strengthened to ensure complete safety.

Advantages of the Alutech industrial gate

The acquisition of sectional doors is a reasonable investment of money, since this design has many advantages:

  • Energy efficient panels used to make the gate, help keep the heat in the room during the winter. In addition, the use of such structures in the hot season provides a cool indoor environment, preventing the penetration of heat from the street.
  • Presence of 10 variants of designs allows each client to choose the necessary model, depending on the size of the room and other features.
  • The automatic control system, which is equipped with the industrial gate Alutech, allows you to easily open and close the opening. In addition, you can manage the design manually. Despite the fact that the weight of the gate is large enough, the presence of torsion springs helps to open and close the gate, without putting much effort.
  • Thanks to the anti-corrosive substance applied to the products, the industrial sectional doors are well tolerated by aggressive media. In addition, increased corrosion resistance ensures the use of stainless steel parts.
  • Each spring used in the production of the gate is supplemented with a special clutch. This element protects the blade from falling if the spring fails.
  • Rubber seals, which are placed along the perimeter of the web, provide increased sealing of the structure. Thus, precipitation does not enter the room.
  • The price of a sectional industrial gate is quite democratic, while the quality of products is high. Products comply with the norms of the European Union.
  • Using sectional doors, you can save a lot of space. After all, the design rises up without taking up excess space.

Moreover, sectional gates are equipped with anti-burglary system, which prevents unauthorized entry into the premises. When an attempt is made to break, the structure is blocked. To ensure greater ease of operation of the gate, a wicket can be built into the structure. Even to ensure a good ventilation, you can order the installation of ventilation grilles. The price for a sectional industrial gate may vary depending on the size of the system and the additional components of the configuration.


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