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New high-speed electric drive Alutech AM0/06-28R for roller systems

New high-speed electric drive Alutech AM0/06-28R for roller systems

New high-speed Alutech AM0/06-28R high-speed electric drive with integrated radio receiver for roller systems

Due to numerous requests of customers, Alutech has added a new model AM0 / 06-28R, which is used under 40 shafts with a torque of 6 Nm and a rotation speed of 28 revolutions per minute, to the line of vibro drives with a built-in radio receiver.

AM0/06-28R is a high-speed motor that makes it possible to open and close protective rollets one and a half times faster than standard motors from the company Alutech the same 40 shaft at a speed of 17 revolutions per minute. So, now with the help of the new powerful AM0/06-28R engine, a protective roller shutter from the AR/40 profile with a height of 2 meters will open or close in just 13 seconds, and with the old normal motor, whose speed is only 17 rpm, it moves - 21 seconds. The increased operating speed of this new roller system is especially important for large structures - the height of which is more than 2 meters.

The composition of this new motor is the same as that of the AM0/R, AM1/R series electric drives. This standard kit includes: a 40-shaft adapter and a convenient mounting with hardware and nylon ties, which makes it possible to install this drive on the side covers of the SF45/u-B series without flashing.

The new electric drive is installed very simply, as well as analogous drives of this series.

The best advantages of the Alutech novelty

1. Simplified and quick installation, as there is no need to mount an additional radio receiver and connect to the drive.
2. Very simple and straightforward programming.
3. The range of the novelty up to 100 meters in the line of sight.
4. Integrated radio receiver with dynamic code will provide you with protection from copying consoles.
5. As standard, the new items include a secure mount and adapter.

The following remote controls are used to control the new electric drive: AT-1, AT-1S, AT-15, AT-15S, AT-4N. The entire process of programming the drive is described in detail in a comprehensive, understandable presentation, and of course in the instructions.

In the range of "Alutech" there are external radio receivers of the CURD series and remote controls. They are suitable for use in cord situations, for various reasons, it is not possible to use new intra-shaft drives with a built-in radio receiver, specifically when the drive is installed with an emergency opening NHK system.

The new drive is already available for purchase (order) in our store "Triumph WT" in Chernigov. Call for clarification of any issues related to the purchase and prices of the new high-speed electric drive AM0/06-28R from Alutech for rolling systems.

Remember that the company "Alutech" always develops an assortment of modern automatics for roller systems and automation for gates, so that these products have increased competitiveness in the market of automation in Ukraine and Europe.


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