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The choice of automation for sliding gates

The choice of automation for sliding gates

The sliding gate is a convenient construction, the use of which has a lot of advantages. To use this system was more comfortable, you should buy the automation on the gate. Thus, it will be possible to control the gate remotely, without exerting physical effort. In order to acquire a reliable design, you need to know the rules for choosing such products.

How to pick up the automation on the sliding gate

What should I pay special attention to when making a purchase?

  • Engine power. Automation on the sliding gate should be equipped with a powerful motor, so that the mechanism works smoothly in all conditions.
  • The material of gears manufacturing in the reducer. If you want the system to serve you more than one year, give preference to metal parts, they are more wear-resistant and reliable.
  • Limit switch. If you are planning to buy automatics for gates that are used in low-temperature climates, give preference to magnetic switches. Mechanical systems can freeze, preventing proper operation of the structure.
  • Weight of the gate. If you have a lightweight leaf (up to a ton), then you do not need too much automation on the sliding gate. For structures whose mass exceeds 1 ton, it is necessary to purchase automation for weighted structures.

In addition, when choosing mechanisms, pay attention to whether they can provide a function of partial opening. Thus, you can use the gate as a gate. Still it is necessary to learn, whether the system has the function of automatic closing after a certain time. This is very convenient if you forget to close the gate using the remote. In addition, find out if the closing speed is uniform. It is better to buy mechanisms that accelerate in the middle of the process and slow down at the end. So, the gates will work quietly, not knocking on the sash during closing.

If security is important to you, buy a system equipped with photocells. Of course, the price for automation for sliding gates, equipped with this function, is slightly higher. But you can be sure that uninvited guests will not penetrate your territory.

Today, the market presents products from different manufacturers. An unprepared buyer can be very confused when he sees the variety of the proposed product range. But knowing the parameters of the choice of auto systems, you can easily find the right product. The price of automation for sliding gates may vary depending on the brand, as well as the additional functions that the product is equipped with. And there is no need to give too much money for the products of the most untwisted world brands. Among the goods of less famous companies, you can also pick up high-quality automation that will last you for a long time without failures.


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