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Protective roller shutters for windows: safety, comfort, beauty

Protective roller shutters for windows: safety, comfort, beauty

Rollets on the windows - thoughtful designs designed to protect against the intrusion of uninvited guests into the house. Consist of a cloth winding on a special shaft, moving along the guides, the control mechanism. It can be: electric, mechanical, combined. From its kind depends on the price of roller blinds on windows. A special box is provided for the shaft. It is attached above the window or at the top of it. The fabric consists of lamellas or profiles fixed with each other using locks. Such fastening does not prevent the canvas from curling up into a roll.

As a rule, these structures are mounted vertically. Also they can be installed on the dormer windows. But the angle of the roof should not be more than 40 degrees.

In addition to the protective function on the roller shutters on the protective windows, there is one more. It is to decorate the structure. Due to the fact that the product can be painted in various shades, it can harmoniously fit into any architectural styles. With them it will turn out to realize various design decisions. Such designs meet all the requirements of modernity.

Despite the fact that the systems appeared on the consumer market of our country recently, they are in high demand. Many seek windows on windows to buy, as they are practical, convenient to use, reliable. They provide a high level of security. When the web is lowered, that is, in working order, the constructions prevent the penetration of foreigners. These systems have not only protective functions, there are a number of other advantages:

  • This is an excellent replacement for metal grilles.
  • Saving. If you buy blinds on windows, you can save on painting. The fact is that they do not need to be covered with paint every year, updated like metal shutters.
  • Do not close views out of the window. You can lift the shutters and see what happens on the street, and not look through the patterns in the bars.
  • Easy to rise, fall. The mechanism is so easy to use that even small children can cope with it.
  • They can easily be replaced with new ones when you renovate a house or apartment. Presented today in the consumer market, the color scale allows you to choose the ideal option for all parameters.
  • Lower heating costs. Rolling shutters on protective windows provide up to 40% savings in heating costs, as they have a thermal insulation function. A full profile filled with polyurethane foam makes it possible to significantly reduce heat transfer.
  • In hot weather, they keep cool in the rooms. With the help of rollers it is possible to control the penetration of sun rays into the house. This will enable to reduce the risk of fading and burning out of furniture, interior items.
  • Protection from moisture, dust of window frames, glasses.
  • For roller blinds on windows, the price is affordable for everyone. Almost everyone can establish them in our country.
  • Long service life.

Window shutters are an excellent, profitable solution for any country house, apartment.


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