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Sectional doors: construction, advantages of use

Sectional doors: construction, advantages of use

Sectional gates in the garage are irreplaceable systems that are necessary for everyone. Regardless of whether the garage is standing alone or in the house, it needs a reliable solid gate. They are especially relevant where you need to save space. These products consist of many elements.

What is included in the sectional garage door

Elements of the design of this system deserve special attention. Any sectional gate consists of a web, which includes several sections. The latter join each other with the help of loops. Also, the system includes suspensions, guides on which the gates rise and fall. The mandatory part of the design is a spring mechanism. Due to it balancing of a metal cloth is provided. The price of a sectional door depends on which materials and components were used in the manufacture. Who exactly was the manufacturer: domestic or foreign company.

As for the principle of functioning of sectional systems, it is quite simple: the canvas, with the help of rollers on rails and guides, moves up or down. In the open state sectional garage doors are located on the ceiling above the opening. If the room allows ceiling height, then vertical structures can be mounted.

Regardless of which mounting option is most suitable, these structures will have several advantages. It is for them to buy garage sectional doors.

Advantages of sectional garage doors

List all the advantages of these structures to open / close the garage is difficult. Let us dwell on the most significant. They will be as follows:

  • A rational opening system. If you install the system behind the opening, you can use the input completely.
  • Security. They will reliably protect property from encroachments on it by strangers. A powerful bolt lock prevents penetration inside with the use of brute force.
  • High sealing of the opening.
  • Excellent thermal insulation. For this quality it is worth to buy garage sectional doors, as inside the garage there will always be an ideal microclimate. As a result, the car will be easily started, and in the summer, its parts and seals will not dry out, which are counter-indicative of elevated temperatures.
  • Save space. Open the design data will be obtained even if the area is severely restricted. And to approach to such sectional gate it will turn out almost end-to-end.
  • Simple design.
  • High reliability.
  • Minimum installation requirements. The only thing that is necessary is a sufficient ceiling height in the garage.
  • Comfort. In winter, during heavy snowfalls, such gates do not have to recline the snow. Even inexperienced drivers will enter the garage without problems, without damaging their wings about its doors.
  • The best value for money. The price for sectional doors corresponds to the quality. Such gates are needed in every garage. They make life much easier.


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