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Roller shutters will protect and decorate any premises, houses, buildings

Roller shutters will protect and decorate any premises, houses, buildings

Shutters protective - excellent reliable systems for the protection of loggias, doors, windows, pavilions, shops, garages. They are able to protect themselves with different rooms. Differ a respectable aesthetic appearance. Will be able to decorate the facades of cottages, offices, shops, country houses. Have a number of differences.

Practical features of roller blinds

Buy roller shutters are due to their features. When manufacturing these structures, profiles are used. They can have a width: 77, 60, 55, 40, 45, 39 mm. The choice of parameters depends on the dimensions of the future design. The profile can be made of aluminum or steel. It is extruded, filled with a special insulation. These systems are considered an excellent alternative to metal grills. They are able to provide protection from: rays of the sun, moisture, dust, noise. Have improved thermal insulation characteristics. The larger the layer of insulation, the higher the price for roller blinds.

Another feature of the product is simple installation. The design can be installed, both in the house under construction, and already commissioned building. In the open form, it fully complies with safety regulations, as it will not prevent people from evacuating people from the house.

In the production of products using the latest technology, developments in accordance with generally accepted standards. The products are certified, which confirms its high quality, reliability of use, durability. An extensive color scheme allows you to choose a system suitable for any design decisions. Also feature of products will be their design.

Design features of roller blinds

Protective shutters consist of several simple elements, due to which reliable operation of the entire system is ensured, namely:

  • Lamellae. They are made up in a canvas. Are fastened together, remain mobile.
  • Guides. Facilitate the movement of planks.
  • Vala. The element on which the canvas is wound.
  • Protective box. Slats are placed in it.

Despite the fact that the internal products are similar, you can buy different types of roller shutters. These structures are usually divided into species depending on different characteristics.

Roller shutter varieties

First of all, the products are ranked by type of management. They can be:

  • Automated. An electric drive is used.
  • Manual. As a rule, a belt, a reducer, a gate drive are used for movement.

Secondly, the structures are divided by the method of installation. There are: vertical, horizontal. The first view is most often used. It is customary to subdivide it into:

  • Outdoor. The box with the elements is fixed outside the building. This type of fasteners is considered the most simple.
  • Built-in. The protective box is mounted in the house. In this form, 100% penetration protection is provided.
  • Combined. The box is placed in the opening. It is rarely used.

Today, the price for roller shutters is not as high as it seems, so everyone can afford them.


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