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Alutech sliding gate - quality, reliability, comfort in use

Alutech sliding gate – quality, reliability, comfort in use

Sliding gates Alutech - reliable quality construction for country houses, cottages, able to protect property. Produced in the Republic of Belarus. Can also be used for fencing areas in industrial facilities, where there is an increased transport load. They are characterized by resistance to burglary, operational characteristics, external aesthetic appearance. Are endowed with all the characteristics that are required for residential and non-residential facilities. Technical data will prove the strength of reliability of excellent performance.

Parameters of sliding gates Alutech

The secret of not falling demand for sliding gates of aluminum is hidden in the improvement of product characteristics constantly. Gate structures with metal profiles and sandwich panels can last at least 15 years. When they work, no noise is heard. This was achieved through the use of a rack of nylon and rolls made of glass-filled polyamide. The price of sliding gates depends on what was used in production. Kinds of sewing can be such: ППУ sandwiches, profiles from aluminum, profile sheets, wood. The production of the frame part uses aluminum. The guide system is represented by a rack, a roller platform. Wind resistance is provided by the EPDM seal. It is customary to use polyurethane, polyamide particles, for the production of topcoats.

To make the gate structure more dense, the reliability of the sandwich panel is filled with high-density polyurethane foam. Its indicators can be 46-47 kg / m3. As a result, each of the sections has a thickness of 45 mm. With regard to the thickness of the profile of aluminum, it can be 87, 82, 37 mm. Regardless of which one to buy the gate sliding, all the designs will be endowed with many advantages.

Advantages of sliding gates

The advantages of installing these structures will be as follows:

  • Security. Due to the fact that the fasteners reliably hide from prying eyes, it is possible to avoid hacking the system.
  • Management. It can be: automatic (optional), built-in (manual). By mounting the drive, it is possible to significantly increase the level of safety. But the price for sliding gates with such a mechanism will be greater. The leaf will not move a centimeter without the signal from the automatic block.
  • Stiffnesses. The fabric, consisting of aluminum and sandwiches, has a good density. So it manages to exclude sagging.
  • Easy dismantling. It is possible without any problems to change the dotting or the entire sewing. At the same time, without dismantling the entire structure.
  • Anticorrosion protection. Due to the upper coating the presence of PUR-PA and the lower ground layer, it is possible to provide a high level of protection against corrosion.
  • Diversity of color. You can buy a sliding gate in any color. Choose an option for any exterior.

Add comfort when using an additional built-in wicket.


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