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Purchase of automation for sliding gates

Purchase of automation for sliding gates

The decision to choose the right gate should be dictated by the issue of functionality. When the input system is planned to be intensively exploited, it is worth every effort to give it ease of maintenance. Automatics on the sliding gate at times improves the comfort of their use. Functionality does not mean that the chosen option will not look elegant and decorate the object.

Sliding gates are more modern variant with one wing. This design opens on the inside of the fence. The price for sliding gates with automation is slightly higher than for conventional ones, but the money spent very quickly pays for themselves. The design of such a system is quite wide, so it is important to remember that there should be no obstacles on the site.

What to look for when choosing a sliding gate

If you decide to buy automation on the sliding gates, then most likely are familiar with the advantages of such a system. First, you do not even need to leave the house or car to open the gate. Such gates are characterized by a higher level of security, because they do not have a lock, which can be hacked if desired.

Sliding gates with automatic equipment should be equipped with a high-quality motor. It is thanks to him that the mechanism will work under all weather conditions. Size also matters, do not be stingy and install a wider model.

In the case of massive enclosures, it is recommended to choose gates installed on special rails. The price of such automation on the sliding gate is slightly higher, but in some cases this is the only correct option. These rails ensure the smooth operation of the mechanisms while maintaining it. Their presence, however, can be quite problematic. Rails often accumulate a small amount of dirt, which we must regularly remove. If we do not have too much time for this, then it is better to choose lighter self-supporting structures. Self-supporting gates are fixed to a stable rack. The design moves above the ground and is much more convenient in everyday use. At the end of each self-supporting shutter there is a so-called counterweight.

The last important factor when choosing. If you are planning to buy automatics for sliding gates, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. Metal structures should be covered with a thin layer of zinc, which will prevent corrosion and extend the service life. Gates made of non-galvanized metal can be a little cheaper, but require regular maintenance. Without proper preservation, the metal can rust through several years of operation.


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