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Industrial sectional gates

Industrial sectional gates

Section industrial gates can be used internally and in all types of buildings, from automotive shops, warehouses, hypermarkets and large logistics centers. They can be equipped with a wicket, in order to avoid the continuous opening of the gate when moving pedals, glazing in the form of windows, ventilation grates, automation devices or access control. Choosing one of the possible ways of opening provides a comfortable job. The industrial section gate Alutech is an investment for many years.

Advantages of this type of constructions:

  • Safety at every moment of closing and opening.
  • High insulation of doors thanks to sturdy pads.
  • Resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Save space behind the opening and maximize the use of the surface inside the object.

Prices for industrial sectional doors vary depending on the material from which they are made, the size and the firm. The gate valve in the open position can take different positions: horizontal, vertical or at an angle. A variety of species allows you to install designs on most industrial objects. Correctly set gates do not interfere with the movement inside the hall.

Select the appropriate gate type

Industrial section gates can be handled manually or automatically. Due to the weight of the canvas, manual control is used when the gate size does not exceed 3 by 3 meters. The electric drive is mounted directly on the shaft of the sectional gate. To install the electric drive it is necessary to provide additional space necessary for its installation.

Our company "Triumph BT" offers industrial sectional gate Alutek, which have gained the reputation of some of the most reliable in this segment. Such gates meet the most complex requests from the point of view of their appearance and security. Shaving helps to illuminate the dark halls and emphasizes the modernity of the building.

In modern construction, color has become an important element in shaping the image of the company, so we offer a variety of color solutions to meet the aesthetic and architectural requirements.

Purchase industrial section gates, the price of which will not hit a lot of pockets on our site. If you have questions, you can always contact our consultants to assist you in choosing and advise you on the appropriate product type for your purposes. You can make an order at any convenient time. By investing in industrial gates, you guarantee the safety and comfort of your business.


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