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Protection from the sun and unexpected guests

Protection from the sun and unexpected guests

Think about what kind of shutters for windows, external or internal, will suit your home? We will try to help you solve this problem.

Darker inner rollers let in less sunlight, but they heat up more. Therefore, protecting the room from overheating, it is better to choose products in brighter shades. Depending on the function of the room, sun-screening or dimming models can be used. The first are excellent for living room, kitchen or dining room, the latter - in the bedroom and rooms with a TV or computer.

In our offer you will certainly find window shutters at reasonable prices. Their main advantage is the increase of rooms optically. They occupy considerably less space than the earlier used curtains and curtains. The products are easy to operate and do not collect dust.

Window shutters

Roller shutters on windows are an integral part of modern building technologies due to their functionality. They protect from the sun, wind, rain of snow and other atmospheric phenomena. Provide a very good thermal insulation of the building, which prevents excessive summer exposure in the summer, and in the winter time contributes to significant savings in thermal energy.

Exterior window shutters increase sound insulation, significantly reducing noise in the rooms. They provide privacy and significantly affect the sense of security. All types of shutters increase the time of hacking. However, in order to comply with the standards of anti-theft rolls, their construction must be properly reinforced and firmly fixed on the walls of the building.

The windows allow up to 80% of the sun's rays, which, on bright days, is very light in the room. Using roller blinds on windows, this undesirable effect can be easily reduced. Unlike the internal roller shutters, the exterior reflect the sun's rays in front of the glass, not allowing the apartments to heat up. In summer, you can feel the benefits of using this solution in the form of a shade and a pleasant coolness at home.

Buying window accessories

Are you thinking about purchasing decorative or protective window systems? Our store «Triumph WT» will help you make the right decision. In our offer you will find window shutters, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. With the range of products that we offer you, you can find on our website or in a stationary shop in Chernigov.

Managers of the company «Triumph WT» will easily and professionally consult you on all available goods. Sometimes choosing oneself is a difficult task. With our help, you will choose a model that will be suitable for the selected room. When ordering from us, you do not get any additional trouble. The specialists will make all the necessary measurements, and then install the finished product. You just have to rejoice in new acquisitions.


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