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High-quality garage gates

High-quality garage gates

Sectional garage gates in Chernigov

Sectional garage gates, due to their size, have a great influence on the appearance of the house. The market now has a huge selection of different models, it all depends on taste and financial possibilities. Since design is not all, it's worth considering the choice of functionality that suits your needs. In order for the product to perform its task as best as possible, it is necessary to take into account factors such as: the size of the room and the way it is used, the amount of space on the driveway, the height of the partition.

Sectional garage gates differ in the way of opening, the ability to use additional functions that significantly increase the comfort of operation. Currently, this is the most popular type of construction. They are especially recommended for heated garages in the house.

In our store «Triumph WT» you will always find garage sectional gates at a bargain price. They are made of steel panels with a thickness of at least 40 mm. The design is densely filled with foam, which protects well from cold and noise. The device opens vertically upwards, along the ceiling guides or sideways - slides along the wall of the garage. Great for a territory on which the access road is too short or the entrance goes straight to the road.

Variants of gate constructions for each taste

Sectional garage gates can be manufactured in almost unlimited color variations. Thanks to modern cladding technologies, the surface imitates wood or stone. The appropriate structure and color of the product can be selected for the design of each building.

Each garage gates must be opened manually. It is always possible to interrupt current. In everyday life it is more convenient to equip the gate with an electric drive and automatically open and close them using the remote control. Of course, such a drive has a safety function that will stop the mechanism when it hits an obstacle. Unlike swinging, the garage sectional doors will not get stuck in the snow during the opening.

Buying a garage gates

In the offer of our store, we have collected many different models. The catalog includes garage sectional gates, the price of which is the most profitable in the modern market. Our gates are characterized by high quality materials and reliable technical characteristics. Buying from us, you get a full comprehensive service. Starting from the advice of our managers and the choice of the goods, ending with the delivery and installation of structures. Reliable garage systems for years serve satisfied customers. By investing in this type of product, you guarantee the security and functionality of the entry.


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