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Automatic barriers

Automatic barriers

Automatic barriers in Chernigov

Barriers - for a long time the usual element of travel to public and private car parks, parking of shopping centers, the territory of residential areas and office buildings, stadiums, swimming pools. Recently, automatic barriers began to be installed near manufacturing enterprises, transport, logistics and warehouse facilities.

Why is the popularity of such devices growing? The answer is simple. Modern technological solutions are reliable automated equipment that does not require a 24-hour presence of the operator or maintenance personnel. The availability of modern access systems increases the status and prestige of the institution. If you are the owner of a trade or production facility, you definitely need to buy a barrier to let vehicles pass to the territory.

Devices are usually not very different in appearance and design. Choosing an automated system, it is worth paying more attention to the study of technical characteristics. The presented models in the assortment are characterized by high reliability, ease of maintenance and management.

On our site you will find automatic barriers from trusted companies. An important difference between the presented products is the shape and length of the boom. The minimum size is 2.5 meters, and the maximum is 8 meters. The length depends on the width of the organized entrance.

The cost of the device affects the principle of operation, technical characteristics and parameters of the boom. The systems offered by us are one of the budget options, they can easily find spare parts in case of breakdowns and emergencies. All prices for automatic barriers are available on our website.

Modern technologies

Parking systems are more widely used. They are used to limit the possibility of entry into a closed zone belonging to a company, an office center or a residential complex. Barriers are the easiest and most effective way to block entry to parking lots. Their work is uncomplicated and reliable. You can buy a barrier in our online store «Triumph WT».

Designs are designed to be simple not only in everyday use, but also in assembly. They can be left and right. Barriers are the most practical solution available on the market. Their advantage is reliability and speed of operation. The speed of opening the boom ranges from 0.5 to 10 seconds. Faster, usually used on highways and other busy places. It is worthwhile to realize, the longer the arrow, the more time it takes to open it.

In our catalog you can always look at automatic barriers, the price of which will please you pleasantly. Correctly used barrier systems work without failures even for 10 years. Modern gates will be pleased with an interesting and rich design. This offer is for those who are looking for simple, modern and convenient solutions that will be suitable for both small and large objects.


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