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Automatic gates from the manufacturer

Automatic gates from the manufacturer

Sliding gates turnkey in Chernigov

Gates system is a significant detail of each property. First of all, it protects property from unauthorized penetration and potential thieves, and also has a decorative function. Well-made, sliding gates on a turn-key basis will add charm to any site.

Advantages of our products

Many prefer sliding gate devices, because they are characterized by a number of advantages over other types of gates. Such facilities save space on the site. They open themselves in a "self-in-themselves" scheme, which does not require a large internal courtyard space. The price of automatic sliding doors depends on the size of the product and the type of material used. Thanks to a huge selection of mechanisms and technological solutions, we can please any customer. In our assortment there are a lot of color solutions, shield shapes, sizes, additional design of the gate.

Opening and closing the structure does not require physical effort. It is equipped with automation, thanks to which remote control is possible. In bad weather, you do not have to leave the car or home to open it. If you are thinking about buying such a system - please contact us. The production of sliding gates is one of the main specializations of the company.

Safety and quality

Products work noiselessly and smoothly. The movement of the web at the end slows down, which ensures a soft closing. They are also safe if you have small children. Unlike the swinging structures, they do not change their location from the strong wind.

It is important to note that the production of sliding gates is carried out in a controlled environment, so we guarantee the high-quality finished product. Composite elements are exposed to the best methods of protection against corrosion. All the time, regardless of the weather conditions, the gate systems will look aesthetically. The coating is resistant to high and low temperatures, and also to sunlight. Due to these properties, optimum corrosion protection of steel surfaces is ensured.

How to choose the right model

In out-of-town cottages, turn-key gates are used on average up to 6 times a day. A different situation in the case of residential complexes, where the opening frequency reaches even 100 series. Therefore, when ordering a product, you should pay special attention to this. Do not cut the width of the entrance. For comfortable and reliable use, we recommend products about 4 m. The wider the entry, the more convenient.

In our offer you will always find an automatic sliding gate, the price of which is calculated after the accurate measurements by our gauger. The design is carried out individually for each customer, taking into account all his desires. Everyday functionality, security and design go together.


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