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How to improve home security

How to improve home security

Antivandal roller blinds in Chernigov

Rolls increasingly appear in the windows of cottages and apartments, providing protection from burglary and hot weather. Systems are usually made of aluminum panels. Between the panels there are small gaps for flexibility (and minimum light clearance).

To most types of reinforced rolls, you can purchase additional automation that allows you to program the hours of daily raising and lowering of the blinds, changing their position by pressing one button (at any time), and synchronizing the design with the anti-burglar system.

Advantages of roller blinds

If you still doubt that buying antivandal rolls is the right and very clever solution, we present some of their advantages:

  • Protection of premises from thieves and burglars;
  • Protection from heat and sun rays in the summer, in the winter keeping a stable temperature in the room;
  • High level of sound insulation;
  • An easy way to control the amount of light entering the room;
  • The prices for anti-burglary shutters are not much higher than for conventional ones.

Windows are always the weakest place in the whole house, so thieves often resort to such a way to get inside the room. Thanks to special external blinds, you make it difficult for robbers to access the apartment or other facility.

Another reason to buy antivandal rolls can be concern for their own privacy. This is especially true for people living on the lower floors or in private homes. Installation of blinds will help to separate from curious passers-by and neighbors.

Roller shutters, due to the quality of the material, the thickness of the sheets, additional locks, are an obstacle to breaking and a barrier against vandalism. The ability to use automation simulates the presence of family members, even during your vacation or extended absence. The presence of blinds effectively protects the door and window frames from the damaging effects of weather.

Color and design

Reinforced rolls, which can be bought on our website or in the office, have a wide range of color options. They are easy to pick up perfectly to the color of the windows or the facade of the building. Thanks to this, they become an integral and beautiful part of the design of the object. We guarantee our customers a wide choice of the most interesting and best technological solutions.

Purchase of protective structures

We vouch for the high quality and durability of the products offered. To find out prices for anti-burglary shutters, we advise you to contact the managers of the company. Depending on the size, material, color and additional wishes, the cost of the system may differ. Specialists will help you choose the right option for you personally. Take care of the safety of your loved ones, your own, real estate, valuables.


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