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Industrial gates

Industrial gates

Industrial gates to buy in Chernigov

It does not matter whether we are talking about a small workshop or a large warehouse. For each object it is important to create a safe and comfortable environment for business development. Our industrial gates are created precisely for this purpose.

Most often this type of construction is used in supermarkets, warehouses, factories, car workshops. Industrial sectional doors can be additionally equipped with doors, round and rectangular windows, ventilation grilles, automatics. Depending on the size and weight of the gate, you can choose the type of opening and control that is convenient for you. Therefore, before you buy an industrial gate, it is important to think about all the additional details.

Such a system is an investment for many years, so the gate models we offer are made of the highest quality materials. Gate industrial have many advantages, compared to similar models:

  • Smooth and almost silent operation;
  • High level of security;
  • Quality thermal insulation helps to keep the temperature inside the building;
  • Save space and maximize the use of the surface inside the object.

Drive and control

Sectional doors can be controlled manually or automatically. Due to the weight of the wing, manual control is possible when the size of the structure does not exceed 3x3 meters. The electric drive is used to improve the usability of the industrial facility or, when the dimensions and weight of the wing exclude manual control. The price for industrial gates is calculated depending on the type of drive selected. It is important to remember that additional space is required to mount the drive.

Design and colors

Industrial gates, which you can buy at any time convenient for you in our store, will satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers. Due to the choice of several types of embossing, the gate is easy to match to the appearance and design of the object in which they are to be installed. The glazing and the front door will help to adapt the design to individual needs.

In modern construction, including industrial, color has become an important element in the formation of the company's image. We offer you a variety of color solutions that will satisfy aesthetic and architectural requirements. Thanks to this choice, our customers can easily choose the right gate.

Purchase of industrial gates

If you are looking for an industrial gate, the price of which is 100% quality, feel free to contact our company. Professional consultants will always advise you with the right choice, calculate the cost of the design you need. Buying a quality gate, you definitely save your money.


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