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What to look for when choosing automation for the gate

What to look for when choosing automation for the gate

The choice of automation for the gates in Chernigov

Correctly selected automatic sliding gate guarantees comfort and safety of using the structure. Our company «Triumph WT» offers modern drives ideally suited for gates of various weights and sizes, thanks to which they are ideally suited for both private facilities and housing cooperations.

For each type of gate for automation, the correct drive is required. The choice should be made taking into account not only the model, but its size, weight and intensity of work. Automation of sliding gates is a structurally simple geared motor and electronic control module. The gearbox, mounted on the rotating output shaft of the drive, engages with the rack along the bottom edge of the gate - moves the structure. This solution is simple, cheap and reliable. Assembly and adjustment do not create any problems.

The main parameter affecting the price of automation for the gate is the maximum weight of the structure and the length of the entrance.

Automatic gate control

How to check if your gate can be automated? To begin with, it is important to check the structure of the system, whether it is light and strong enough to mount the rack. The next step is to check the smoothness of the gate operation - whether there is increased resistance to movement, which can cause undesirable behavior of the drive.

The most important are the extreme moments (opening and closing). If you can effortlessly move the gate manually from the end position, then there are no obstacles to installing the automation.

When choosing a drive, do not forget to leave a power reserve. In practice, this means that the weight of the product can not be more than permissible for the selected type of automation. The calculation of such a stock is dictated by variable atmospheric conditions. Therefore, it is worth buying a system that at least 30-40% exceeds the permissible power reserve. Our automation for gates, the price of which will not hit "on the pocket", will be the best option for ensuring comfortable use of the site in any weather.

Purchase of systems for gates

Turning to us, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Professional service;
  • Quality accessories from proven manufacturers;
  • Guarantee of system reliability.

In our assortment the automation of sliding gates, the price of which is the most profitable in the Ukrainian market. By investing in high-quality automation, you guarantee uninterrupted operation of the structure and a high level of safety.

To calculate the price of automation of sliding gates, we advise you to contact our specialists. We always meet the wishes of our customers, therefore, thanks to cooperation with our company «Triumph WT», you are guaranteed to receive the goods of the highest quality.


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