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External shutters

External shutters

External protective shutters in Chernigov

At the stage of choosing and clarifying the design of the house, you need to think not only about the location of the rooms, but also about some details. One of these elements, which in most cases should be included in the project, are outdoor protective blinds. They provide additional protection of the house not only from thieves, but also from adverse climatic conditions.

Protective roller blinds, placed outside the windows, for many people are connected, first of all, with protection from hacking and protection of confidentiality. Indeed, such designs are protected, but not only against robbers and curious views of passers-by. Shutters protective are an element that increases the level of insulation and sound insulation at home. During the heating season, they can reduce costs by about 30-40%. In summer - prevent excessive sunlight from entering the room, allowing you to maintain a pleasant coolness in the room. They protect windows from adverse weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow or hail.

External protective blinds delay the time of breaking, but to be vandal-proof - must meet certain standards (made of special materials and attached directly to the wall of the building, and not to the outer layer of insulation). In accordance with the current standards, there are 6 classes of resistance to burglary, with the highest class - 6 - the best defense.

Types of structures

In the market, safety shutters are represented by several types of structures. Therefore, when choosing a system, it is important to determine how they will be attached and how to manage. The price range of protective rolet is very diverse - first of all, the cost depends on the size of the product, the type of material and the class of resistance to burglary. The cheapest ones are hand-held blinds, and for electric-powered designs you will have to pay a little more expensive. Additional simple security mechanisms (for example, locks) will also affect the price. If you decide to use protective electric shutters, it is desirable to provide them with an additional source of electricity.

Purchase of protective roller shutters

The choice of a suitable design can be associated with a number of difficulties. Therefore, we advise you to take the help of our consultants who will help you decide on the type of construction you need. We offer:

  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • Wide range of colors;
  • Qualitative and reliable systems.

At us you always find protective roller blinds, the prices of which are much lower than those of competitors. We cooperate only with proven manufacturers that offer modern and quality products.

By purchasing such a system, you invest not only in security, but in everyday comfort.


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What are the benefits of protective shutters

The protective rolls have firmly entered the life of modern man, as a means of additional protection of any structure. Such structures were created on the principle of blinds, but they differ dramatically from their functionality and principles of use. Protective roller shutters, in most cases, have an aluminum or steel base, which makes them quite durable and resistant to burglary. These protective devices are mounted from the outside of the room to the window or door connectors, providing them with additional reliability. Such shutters are aesthetically pleasing and provide a high level of security; after installation, they do not need additional processing, unlike classic grids, and are mounted much faster, without damaging window frames or door frames.


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