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Automatic barriers with remote control - applications and properties

Automatic barriers with remote control – applications and properties

Automatic barriers with remote control - applications and properties

If you install an automatic barrier An Motors, then solve a number of problems when passing vehicles to the parking lot or to private areas and areas with limited access. First of all, the purpose of parking structures is to provide a controlled passage without the need for human intervention.

The market in our country offers a huge assortment of various types of barriers that are easily suitable for use on all sorts of objects, from ordinary residential buildings, hotels to large commercial sites. Our company «Triumph WT» gives an opportunity to buy an An Motors barrier at a bargain price. Its various options are suitable for different load levels. On average, each system is designed for 10 years of uninterrupted service.

The An Motors barrier is ideal for places with high loads. Rapid boom speed guarantees ease of use. The time it will take to fully open or close depends on:

  • length of the boom;
  • type of mechanics;
  • additional improvements.

For example, compact models up to 4 meters - an excellent solution for controlling cars access in indoor and outdoor parking. The automatic barrier An Motors of this type is fully capable of handling the loaded traffic in the transit zone and is effectively operated under all weather conditions. Because of the short shoulder, this barrier can be opened in 1.5-3 seconds, which is a very good indicator of equipment performance.

Common Management Options

The biggest advantage of a modern automatic remote barrier is the possibility of choosing a control method. The An Motors boom can be controlled by:

  • remote control;
  • contactless cards with a chip;
  • detectors;

There is always the possibility to operate manually, in the presence of an operator or guard. In each modern system, special software is built in, through which the desired mode of the device.

Excellent work in all weather conditions

The high-quality barrier An Motors, which our company «Triumph WT» recommends in Ukraine, has a strong metal case and is coated with a specific polymer coating. Due to this, the device is protected from corrosion. Arrows are made of high quality aluminum, because it is the lightest metal. Available parking barriers have all the necessary certificates, which guarantee a long service life of the systems.


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