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Advantages of the classic gate collection Alutech

Advantages of the classic gate collection Alutech

Advantages of the classic gate collection Alutech

Sectional gates of the alutech classic open vertically and are located under the ceiling to save space. Thanks to this design they offer the maximum space in the garage, and in front of the garage. Such devices can be installed in any garage opening and provide a width of the light passage up to 14 cm wide in comparison with the doors with a rotating stroke. They are also optimally sealed on all four sides by durable, weatherproof seals.

Advantages of the proposed collection of gates

Imagine a gate of a new generation. The gate of alutech classic is not a transformation of existing solutions, but represents a creative effect of achieving a balance between modern technology, quality, safety and design.

The garage doors of the alutech classic comply with strict international standards for resistance to wind, water penetration and air permeability. The coefficients of these parameters affect not only the extension of the life of the structures, but also the preservation of their aesthetic qualities for many years.

The gate of alutech classic is the highest level of equipment when it comes to entry / exit from your garage. The main advantage of this type of system is that they offer better thermal insulation than other devices. The thickness of the panels is 45 mm and is filled with extremely thick and dense polyurethane foam. Such entry elements do not require thermal bridges, because their panels fit tightly to each other in a closed position. Among other advantages:

  • Quiet (almost noiseless) movement;
  • Elementary manual control - with a well thought out to little detail mechanism, even a new user can easily handle the use of;
  • Possibility to install a pedestrian door;
  • Additionally, you can decorate with windows and transparent panels;
  • Excite luxury, luxury and well-being;
  • Safely protected from burglary and robbers.

Garage doors alutech classic is a modern and reliable system. Buying a quality product, you guarantee not only the convenience of service, but also save your money. Rare accidents and breakages save waste on an additional service.

Acquisition of garage door systems

We believe that our compatriots are worthy of quality and good products. That is why the gates of the Alutech Classic have appeared in the offer of our company. This type is ideal for both private houses and public garages. Thanks to a unique system, they can close large openings.


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