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Choosing a stylish garage door

Choosing a stylish garage door

Choosing a stylish garage door

The style of entering the garage has never been such a hot topic for conversation, as it is now. To date, there is a huge amount of design solutions that will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customers. Gates alutech trend will amaze you with a variety of designs and materials that you can choose on our website. Pay attention to your house. Are there arches, straight or slanting lines on it? Look at the color of the windows and doors. Garage gates can be combined with a touch of other elements, or simply visually. A modern house in a modern style can get even more elegant look if you install a garage gate alutech trend.

Selection of mechanical systems

Correctly conducted review of the market and companies will help save a lot of money and nerves. As a starting point for comparison, we note that there are four different types of structures intended for internal use. In accordance with the motor part used, the garage trend gates can be:

  • Chain mechanism. A chain is used that controls the wing, helping to lower it easier and raise it.
  • Screw construction - a design with a thread that allows you to change the position of the door in an easy way. Characterized by great stability and durability.
  • Rubberized belt.
  • Lateral construction. This method of control is very different from the previous, because it is mounted on the ceiling. For him, characteristic, quiet and smooth work, which provides a high level of comfort to users.

The control mechanism is only a small element of the specifics of this product class. To find the gate alutech trend, pay attention to the guarantee of weather resistance provided by us. The price offered by us is the most competitive on the market, and the recommended product meets all standards.

Garage doors in «Triumph WT»

We offer garage opening gates - opening and closing is done automatically. This is an extremely suitable choice, for those who are often late and in a hurry, do not want to go out into the cold or the heat, to control the system. At the touch of a button, you activate the engine. The garage gates of the alutech trend will save you enough space, because they do not require additional space for opening inside and outside. This will be the right alternative for narrow utility rooms. They are also suitable for owners of expensive luxury cars, as they guarantee excellent safety of use, and therefore, you will not scratch your car.


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Automatic sliding gates

Today, there are a large number of varieties of gate closures, but most of them occupy a fairly solid area when closing or opening. The most optimal option for people who value space and comfort, will be a sliding automatic gate. A special practicality and ease of use are distinguished by a gate with an automatic operation system.


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