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Why use a roll-over gate

Why use a roll-over gate

Why use a roll-over gate

The sliding gates of the alutech are mainly used to enter cars into the yard. They are made of durable steel parts identical to those used for similar types of products. There are options with a bottom rail, built into the floor or asphalt, as well as console systems that do not need a lower rail.

The gates of recoil alutech provide users with such advantages:

  • Save space at the opening;
  • Resistant to weathering;
  • Lightweight design for smooth opening and closing;
  • Specialized rollers and wheels for heavy use;
  • A variety of designs and colors, complementing the sliding gates of the aluminum;
  • The ability to automate control with a button or remote control;
  • Good security guaranteed by two layers of steel.

We advise you to buy a sliding gate, because they allow you to close large spaces without the risk of sagging and with simplified maintenance. At the same time, they do not occupy an excess area near the fence or in the parking lot. Of course, there are no ideal models. And as a small disadvantage can be called a little slow speed compared to bivalves.

Categories of gate systems

This type of device can be of two types: sliding on rails and cantilever sliding. In the first case, the wing travels on a ground rail with a V or U shaped profile with wheels. This is the cheapest option, but, unfortunately, it has many inconveniences associated with the mandatory cleaning of the rails in winter and during a bad weather.

The best solution is the design with the bracket. The sliding gates of the alutech move above the ground at a height of about 8-10 cm. This is achieved by means of a set of mechanisms, rails, carriages, guide wheels and rollers. The main advantage of this class is that they are extremely easy to maintain. Uninterrupted movement of the wing is guaranteed in dirty conditions and severe atmospheric situations. The drawback is the need for an additional section for the open position (the so-called tail, which balances the entire structure). Usually this is 1/3 of the entire length of the opening.

Acquisition of gates from a trusted dealer

If you decide to buy a sliding gate, please, boldly and without delay contact our specialists at «Triumph WT». For more information, you can use the corresponding section of the site. On our Internet resource you will find the necessary data about the fittings and automation systems. We have a very wide choice of models, which differ in weight and possible intensity of use.


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