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Technical features of automation for sliding gates

Technical features of automation for sliding gates

Automation characteristics for sliding gates

Gates are indispensable attributes on suburban areas, private territories. They are able not only to provide security, significantly facilitate life, but also to add elegance to your property. Make it more valuable in the eyes of others. But all this will be possible if you purchase and install a set of automation for sliding gates.

On sale, you can find many systems for household, industrial designs. Whatever you need, you can buy them here. Our company offers you a pleasant service, wide range. We have the most favorable prices for the automation of sliding gates. Before you start choosing, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the product.

What to take into account technical features when buying automation for sliding gates

The automation presented for sale for sliding gates in Chernigov differs not only in value, but also in parameters. That is why when buying, you should pay attention to such characteristics:

  • Power. The weight of the canvas and this parameter are closely related. Frequent situations when the drive is not suitable for construction. The larger the weight, the more powerful the automation kit is required for the sliding gates. Please note that the equipment is designed for a certain weight of the gate. It will not work for a long time, if the weight is more than stated in the instructions.
  • Intensity of use. In simple words, how often will the system be operated. The automation of sliding gates in Chernigov can be designed for increased, medium, low in degree of load. If intensive use is planned, almost round-the-clock, then it is worth choosing a proven, reliable, certified system.
  • Quality of components, materials. Very often there are on sale parts not of steel, silumin. For example, gears generally can be made of plastic. Such automation for the sliding gates in Chernigov will not work more than the warranty period stated in the passport.

In addition to the above, it is important to consider the size of the leaflets, the required closing / opening speed of the structure. In some situations, the degree of complexity of the installation, climatic conditions is taken into account.

The choice of automation for sliding gates

Correctly selected automation for sliding gates in Chernigov will perform its functions well-assigned to it in all weather conditions, even if it becomes too cold outside or it will always snow. If you can not decide for yourself what is the most suitable system, please contact us. Representatives of our store «Triumph WT» will advise you on all the issues of interest, will help to make the right choice. In the purchased kit you will find everything you need for installation, starting with the drive itself, the antenna, ending with the warning lamp, console, rack. If desired, you can buy a lot of useful accessories. The price for the automation of sliding gates depends on the parts included in the kit, but it will still be profitable for you.


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