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Types of automatic sliding gates

Types of automatic sliding gates

Types of automatic sliding gates

There is no more reliable way to protect your property from encroachments than to put back the garage doors in Chernigov. Among the wide variety in the market, automatic modifications are very popular. These structures consist of metal sheets, fittings, electric drive. The principle of operation is based on movement when you open / close the canvas on one side. If you need to install similar structures, then you can buy a sliding gate in Chernigov here at the company «Triumph WT». We have very reasonable prices for this product, and a very wide range.

What are the sliding automatic gates

These models by design are significantly different from swing. They are compact, do not need a large area for maneuver. Currently, several types of similar gates are produced. The main difference between them lies in the way of installation. For example, you can buy pendant automatic sliding gates in Chernigov, fixed on a fixed at a certain height bar. The canvas moves along the beam by means of rollers. The drive is driven by the electric drive. It is enough to press the system one time to open / block the passage. These structures are reliable, durable. They can be used for more than half a century. The only nuance is the beam. It can become an obstacle in the way of cargo large vehicles when entering the territory. On such automatic sliding gates an affordable price. They can afford to install almost everyone.

Along with the pendant, there are portal systems operating on rails. Their feature is that the rollers move on a special rail made of metal. The rail is placed across the road. The main advantage of this modification is its compactness. During the opening, the structure moves to the width of the opening. It does not deal with excess space. If you decide to install such automatic sliding doors in Chernigov, consider one nuance. The system is afraid of cold, snow. It can be blocked by any blizzard.

The most practical is the model with the console. The rails, guides are not used here, which allows to eliminate the drawbacks of the above mentioned options. The door leaf is attached to the bar from the inside. It itself can be mounted in the central, upper or lower parts of the structure. The only drawback of such automatic sliding doors is their price, but we managed to make it accessible to you. This system should be installed only by professionals. The comfort and comfort guaranteed by the design are worth the time, money.

At the cottage or in a private house you can buy a sliding garage gate in Chernigov with a gate. Such systems can be:

  • Rail
  • Cantilever
  • Suspended

Depending on what the parameters have travel, you can buy a sliding gate in Chernigov separate or one-piece. In the second variant there is a gate in one part, in the second - a gate, which is quite convenient for operation.


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To protect travel to the territory, it is sometimes not at all necessary to put expensive, massive gates. Today they have an alternative - an automatic barrier. This construction is quite simple in operation. Since the model is equipped with a drive, the entry becomes not only safe, but also as comfortable as possible. You can buy an automatic barrier in Chernigov. Our company offers excellent prices for such products. We are waiting for you high-quality products, analogues which are difficult to find in the market. We sell gates in Chernigov for many years, so we know what you need.


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