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The device of an automatic barrier

The device of an automatic barrier

Construction of an automatic barrier

To protect travel to the territory, it is sometimes not at all necessary to put expensive, massive gates. Today they have an alternative - an automatic barrier. This construction is quite simple in operation. Since the model is equipped with a drive, the entry becomes not only safe, but also as comfortable as possible. You can buy an automatic barrier in Chernigov. Our company offers excellent prices for such products. We are waiting for you high-quality products, analogues which are difficult to find in the market. We sell gates in Chernigov for many years, so we know what you need.

What are they automatic barriers

The automatic barrier is a complex construction. Equipped with an electronic control system. Thanks to it, it is possible to lower and raise the arrow from a distance. For this, the remote control is used. Accordingly: during installation must adhere to certain requirements. For example, when laying the foundation, you need to remove the wiring. But such efforts are worth the time, money. They will be justified during operation. You can buy an automatic barrier in Chernigov with a remote control. He will not only save time, but will also help to save health, since it is not necessary to manually lower/raise the arrow in a heavy snowfall, rain. In order for everything to work clearly, it is necessary to establish the structure correctly.

What is included in the package

As a rule, the kit contains everything that is necessary for installation. The standard kit includes:

  • The rack is equipped with a power device. Depending on the design features, the kit may include different mechanisms. They are: electromechanical, hydraulic. The first type is equipped with: an electric motor, a reducer, a balancing spring. In hydraulic modifications a special drive with a balancing spring is used.
  • Control block.
  • The Arrow. The length is 2-14 meters. If necessary, they can be reduced. At the same time, a stub is placed on the edge.

As for the cost, the price of the automatic barrier depends on what parts are included in the kit. For this equipment, you can select and purchase many spare parts. Basically, they all allow to increase the level of security. For example, photocells. These devices react to light streams. Also an increased demand is observed for light signaling.

We carry out not only the sale of barriers in Chernigov, but also any accessories to them. We can purchase all of the above, as well as: metal detectors, systems that detect obstacles. Due to them, the lowering of the boom to the vehicle, animal, person that is in the passage is excluded. To make the design even more effective, you can order from us: supports, profiles, soft bumpers, curbs. At the same time, the price of an automatic barrier will not become prohibitively high.


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Automatic barrier - a device that is designed to limit the access of vehicles to a protected or closed area. They are specially coated with reflective paint or bright color stickers. The automatic barrier can work even when power is off. It is convenient to use, because for the opening does not have to make a lot of effort. For their remote control are used a variety of mechanisms.


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