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Nodes and main details of accessories for sliding gates

Nodes and main details of accessories for sliding gates

Spare parts for sliding gates

At manufacturing of sliding collar systems it is impossible to do without special components. Thanks to the qualitative set of parts, you will be able to save time and money, so the gateways will be assembled quickly. You can buy fittings of sliding gates in Chernigov in our online store «Triumph WT». A wide assortment of our store, democratic prices, high level of service, will satisfy your needs. The fittings of the sliding gates in Chernigov include a variety of different parts.

The main components of accessories are sliding gates

A qualitative set should consist of the following elements:

  • Guiding console (curved profile). As a rule, it has a length of no more than 6 meters. Durable steel is used for its production. The profile is a complex form. It is non-galvanized, galvanized or anodized. It is customary to call it: rail, beam. In most cases, galvanized fittings are used on the sliding gates. Such systems are capable of serving long enough.

  • Rollers or other carriers. They are also called carriages. Thanks to them, the gate profile moves to which the webbing is attached. The main function of the carriages is to assume the impact loads from the valves. Then they transfer them to the supports. It is possible to buy fittings on sliding gates with polymer rollers or metal.

  • Supported top videos. They are still commonly called vertical support holders. Thanks to them the gauze is kept vertically. At the same time, it does not rule out swinging during strong wind gusts. Such fittings of sliding gates in Chernigov are completed with polymeric rollers.

  • Locking catches. They are upper, lower. Responsible for holding the collar of the sliding constructions in the closed position. The bottom-bottom trap works with the end roller, which creates an additional mount for sliding constructions in the closed form. In this case, the roller is placed at the very edge of the beam, thereby contributing to the smooth entrance of the system in the opening, fixing it with the detector mounted below.

This is a far incomplete list of components. Today, the furniture can be purchased at the sliding gates the most diverse. It all depends on the modification of the gate structures, the degree of complexity, the installation features. If you have difficulty choosing the right components yourself, you can always ask for help from our company's employees. All goods presented on pages: sliding gates, accessories can be bought at any convenient time. Just call the phones listed on the page, fill out a special form.

You do not have to spend more than 5 seconds to buy the accessories of the sliding gates in Chernigov. Fill in an application, send it to us. A representative of our store will call you back in a few minutes. After a couple of weeks you will become the happy owner of the most reliable gates in the country.


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