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What are the metal gates

What are the metal gates

Classification of metal gates

Various materials can be used for the production of fences. Previously, mostly wood was taken. Today it was replaced by a more reliable metal. The gate made of this raw material is still called iron. At the moment, such designs have become the most popular. Are widely used for registration of territory. Many seek to buy a metal gate. Choose them for their excellent performance.

Advantages of using metal gates

The metal structures used as fencing are distinguished by the convenience of use, a variety of design solutions, durability. The main advantage lies in the last factor. Once, having spent a lot of money on reliable, robust gate systems, you can forget about the installation of new gates for a long time. The only thing you need is to update the paint periodically. Such structures are suitable for intensive use. For example, if they are installed on the territory of an industrial facility and open/close them for an hour at least 30-50 times.

The next advantage is value. Prices for metal gates are available to almost every buyer. When forming the cost, factors such as the dimensions of the door leaf, the number of racks, additional elements are taken into account.

Another plus is the resistance to the influence of the surrounding space. The material is able to withstand all weather manifestations: rain, snow, hail. In addition, the products do not allow dust and moisture to escape from the street. In particular, the quality is relevant for garage doors, since they protect the car.

Also, do not overlook the aesthetic appeal of the design. Today the manufacture of metal gates is possible for any styles, directions of exteriors. To make designs even more beautiful, they are decorated with ornaments, drawings, bizarre elements. In addition, the canvas itself is painted in different shades. The most effective look iron fences with forging. But not only the design of the products differ.

Types of metal gates

Depending on the placement, customer requirements, you can buy a metal gate of the following plan:

  • The deaf. Represent a solid cloth on the racks. Metal leaves are used on the leaf.
  • Partly or completely open. Remind lattices of rods with intervals between them.

As for the mechanism, it is possible to manufacture metal gates:

  • Sweeps.
  • Sliding.
  • Lifting.
  • Swivel.
  • Folding.

In addition to the listed, it is customary to classify the gates by their strength. There are: household, industrial. The mentioned metal gates differ in price, size, degree of protection, comfort level. Industrial products are large, thickened, rigid, designed for intensive operation. As a rule, they are equipped with powerful drives for automatic opening. Household are predetermined for moderate use. Can be supplemented with automation.


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