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Automation for garage sectional doors, what it is

Automation for garage sectional doors, what it is

Automation for garage sectional doors

Advantages of using automation

Automation for the gate allows you to get rid of a lot of hassle. To open the entrance to the garage it is enough to press one key on the key fob. Similarly, the opening is closed. From the use of the device receive only pleasure. That's why many seek to buy automatics for garage sectional doors.

Another plus is the longevity. The drive can be used for a long time. Much longer than indicated in the warranty documentation. The device consists of high-quality components designed for intensive operation. In production, only very strong materials are used that can withstand the influence of the environment.

The next advantage is security. The drive is able to reliably protect the premises, property in it from unauthorized intrusion. This can be achieved through special settings when closing.

If you have already decided where to buy automation for sectional doors, it's time to determine the type of device.

Types of automation for sectional doors

At the moment, several types of drives are produced. They differ in the way they are assembled and constructed. There are:

  • With a bulk device. It is characterized by high power, so it can be operated at large industrial gates. The mechanism works simply: the electric motor is put on a torsion shaft. With the help of force, the mechanism is set in motion. Thus, the door leaf is opened. You can buy automatic garage sectional doors with a reinforced chain mechanism. Thanks to his design it turns out to be managed manually. This is important when you turn off the electrical energy.
  • Ceiling appearance. This drive is used to close / open private garages. The device has a small capacity, so they are equipped with medium-sized construction. Prices for automation for sectional doors of such a plan are lower than for industrial devices. Also the principle of functioning, installation differs. The drive is fixed on the ceiling a couple of meters from the garage opening. Lowering / raising of the door leaf takes place automatically on the cable. The cable is attached with a pull rod on top of the sectional door leaf. Just like the previous version, this view is opened automatically, manually.

As for the question: where to buy automation for sectional doors, then you should only apply to the verified sellers. They will offer certified products at reasonable prices.


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