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How to care for sectional garage doors

How to care for sectional garage doors

Sectional Garage Doors - care tips

Deciding to order sectional doors in Chernigov, it is necessary not only to know which parameters to pay attention to when selecting, but also to study the rules of care for them. This will ensure a long service life and smooth operation. All actions aimed at ensuring the proper level of work do not require special efforts, they will not take much time, but the benefits of conducting them are hard to overestimate. The design includes many small mechanisms that need periodic inspection and lubrication.

Sectional doors to order in Chernigov - rules of care

Very often sectional gates to order in Chernigov are installed at the same time, when construction or repair work is in progress. As a result, dust, small debris, plaster particles enter the interior of the structure, which negatively affect the functioning, plus accelerate wear and tear. It is important to ensure that this does not happen.

The first stage of care should be carried out immediately after the end of installation. It is necessary to make sure that the construction debris did not get inside the mechanism, and if it did happen, take measures to eliminate blockages. Followed by:

  • Lubricate the guides, rollers, brackets, springs specially designed for this lubrication;
  • Rubber seals, located on the sides, need to be treated with grease, preferably silicone - this will ensure a smooth glide of the sectional cloth;
  • Wiper rails with a slightly damp rag;
  • The sections of the gate are covered with a special film, which protects them from scratches and other damages during transportation and installation. It must be removed immediately after installation, otherwise it will stick firmly to the surface, and the appearance will be spoiled.

Maintenance of sectional doors during operation

This design is very popular. Such success is explained not only by excellent characteristics, but also by the fact that such a parameter as "sectional gate price" looks very attractive. However, often the owners have unpleasant situations that are associated not with poor quality of the gate, but with improper care.

To avoid this, follow the below tips:

  • Periodic wiping with damp matter will ensure quiet operation. The frequency of the procedure depends on the conditions and intensity of operation. It is advisable to do this every 2-3 months;
  • Inspection of all elements will help in time to identify and fix problems;
  • For the lubrication of springs, it is not possible to use a consistent substance, since dust adheres to them, changing over time into an abrasive;
  • If there is no automatic opening system, it is necessary to lift and lower the blade very smoothly, without jerking;
  • Any extraneous sounds - squeaking, crunching, should alert - they indicate a malfunction and can lead to the breakdown of the entire mechanism.

These simple, not requiring special efforts, the procedure will significantly prolong the life of sectional gates.


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