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Tips for installing automation for the gate

Tips for installing automation for the gate

Installation of automation for the gate - useful tips

Even the most high-quality automation for the gate will not work properly if mistakes were made during its installation. Before proceeding with the installation of an automation system, you first need to make sure that the gate itself is properly installed and works well. It is important that the parameters of the device, such as power, intensity of use, fully correspond to the type of gate and their characteristics.

The gates can be swinging and rolling, and depending on their type, the automation is selected. And it is established in each case in different ways.

Purchase of automation for sliding gates in Chernigov and its installation

Difficulties here should not arise, since the installation is quite simple - you must follow the instructions and stock up on tools. Stages of work is as follows:

  • The first step is to install the mounting base that comes with the device itself. The channel has to be welded at the base of the gate, on which the base for the drive;
  • Do not rush and immediately weld the device until you have installed a rack with bolts, which should be at the level of the pipe frame of the gate. If they are located lower or higher, you need to change the size of the pipes on which the mounting base is located;
  • And only after that, you can safely weld the pipes to the channel, the mounting base to the pipes, and screw the drive itself with the bolts that come in the kit;
  • Next, the rack is welded, not forgetting to leave a place for the limit switch;
  • Then plug in the power;
  • And install switches.

If there are no additional elements on which the cost of automation for the gate depends, the installation process ends here..

Swing gates and automatic installation

Everything is a little more complicated than in the previous case. In order to purchase automation for the gate in Chernigov met expectations, it is necessary to establish it competently. Installation directly depends on the type of automation - linear, lever, underground, as well as from which way the flaps open.

The poles, on which the drives will be attached, must be reliable, strong. In advance, you need to take care of the cabling. Unlike the situation with the sliding gate, when assembling automation for swing gates, it is necessary to perform a series of calculations that will help to properly position the brackets on poles and doors, calculate the distance between the axes of the gate hinges and brackets, the attachment point of the drive. Any deviation from the parameters specified in the instruction will lead to incorrect operation of the system - the doors will open at different speeds or at different angles.

Only after all the calculations, the installation and power connection are made directly. If you are not sure about your abilities, it's better to turn to professionals. This will save time and money, because additional errors are required to correct errors.


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