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We select the automatic on the sliding gate, what to look for

We select the automatic on the sliding gate, what to look for

Automation for sliding gates - how to choose

Comfort and safety are two main criteria that are taken into consideration when choosing any device. Progress keeps pace with the times, and talented engineers offer new devices, the purpose of which is to simplify our lives. One of these devices is automation for sliding gates, which is used both for personal purposes and at industrial facilities, warehouses, parking lots.

Automation for sliding gates in Chernigov, and throughout Ukraine is represented in a wide range. Such diversity is good news, but at the same time it often confuses a person who has never encountered such devices, and has no idea how to make the right choice. The following recommendations will help you choose the best option.

Where to buy automatic for sliding gates and the main selection criteria

To begin with, it should be noted that reflecting on where to buy automation for sliding gates, should give preference to companies that cooperate with world famous manufacturers, provide a guarantee for each product, can advise on any issue.

Turning directly to the choice, attention should be paid to the following indicators:

  • Intensity of use;
  • Gate weight;
  • Drive power;
  • Work speed;
  • Conditions in which automatic equipment for sliding gates will be used;
  • Availability of additional functions.

Consider each item separately.

Intensity of exploitation

According to this criterion, the automation of sliding gates, which can be bought from us, is selected depending on the conditions in which it will be used. For household gates fit model with a small indicator of intensity. But for parkings, industrial facilities, where there is a high traffic intensity, the indicator should be higher, which guarantees a longer service life.

Gate weight

If the weight of the structure is not more than 500 kg, a device for domestic purposes will be suitable. Industrial premises, warehouses are equipped with heavier gates, and the household drive will no longer work, since it will not be able to cope with the load.


One of the most important characteristics. Low-power motor is suitable for doors with low weight, but it should be remembered that in winter the load on the unit will be higher, so you need to take care of the power reserve. Otherwise, the device will quickly wear out and fail.


For objects with heavy traffic, the ideal option - automatic for sliding gates, running at high speed, which will help save time and avoid downtime.

Climatic conditions

In the cold season, snow and ice create an additional burden. The drive must have sufficient power reserve that will ensure uninterrupted operation.

Additional functions

Photocells, push-button stations, signal lamps, «wicket» mode increase the level of comfort and safety during operation of the device.


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