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Foundation preparation for sliding gates

Foundation preparation for sliding gates

Installation of sliding gates - foundation preparation

Retractable gates in Chernigov are very popular, which is explained by their reliable technical characteristics, durability, safety, ease of installation. From that, how competently installation of a design was made, its functioning depends.

The initial stage of installation is the preparation of the foundation for sliding gates. The process consists of several stages, each of which must be treated with all attention, because it depends on whether the foundation will withstand the load. Violation of technology will lead to the fact that the base begins to subside over time and collapse.

Purchase of sliding gates in Chernigov and the rules for pouring the foundation

You can do the work yourself - you only need the necessary tools, materials and a little ingenuity. If you plan to fill the foundation on your own, the purchase of sliding gates in Chernigov should be complemented by the acquisition of:

  • Concrete mix;
  • Armature;
  • Channel.

For work you will need a welding machine, level, tape measure, shovel.

The first step is to carry out calculations and draw up a scheme. The pit should be dug from the side to which the gates will open. As for the dimensions, the width of the base must be at least 60 cm, the length is half the width of the gate opening, and the depth depends on the level of soil freezing. The colder the climate, the deeper the trench should be - at least 25 cm lower than the border of soil freezing. After the calculations have been made and the markup is done, you can start digging.

We must not forget about the pillow of sand or gravel, the height of which depends on the type of soil, the degree of freezing. It provides uniform pressure distribution, increases damping characteristics.

Manufacturing frame

There will also need a markup and a scheme for which the frame will be made. Long reinforcement is welded in such a way as to obtain a U-shaped design. Short sections are welded to long lengths to increase strength. It turns out a kind of lattice, which is lowered into the pit on the pillow, fixing the spacers.

Further, it is necessary to weld the channel to the lattice. The upper part of the lattice should be 5 cm below the ground, and be ideally even. Any offset will make it difficult to open the sash, and may damage the gate. In order to align the grid, use a level.

The final stage of preparing the foundation for sliding gates

The next step is to make the mortar and pour it. You need to use a high-quality mixture, the brand of which depends on the natural conditions and the expected load. The finished solution is poured in several stages - each layer should dry well. You must wait at least two weeks - during this time the foundation will harden, and after that proceed to the installation of the gate itself.

It is not always possible to do everything yourself. In this case, you can buy a sliding gate in Chernigov and use additional installation services, which include the preparation of the base.


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