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What factors to consider when choosing and installing the first automatic gates

What factors to consider when choosing and installing the first automatic gates

Selection and installation of automatic gates

It does not matter what kind of object we are talking about - a mansion, a storage room, an industrial facility, a parking lot, you need to think in advance what type of gate you need. In any case, it should be automatic gates, because the level of reliability and security they have is much higher than that of ordinary, and the price is quite consistent with the quality.

Buying gates in Chernigov complicated by a wide range. On the one hand, this is wonderful - you can choose the ideal option, but on the other hand, such diversity can be a dead end. But you should not panic - the tips outlined below will help you make the right choice, plus you can always consult with experienced professionals who have been working in this field for a long time.

Prices for collars in Chernihiv and other parameters affecting the choice

First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of gates with automatics:

  • Swing.
  • Sliding.

When choosing, each is guided by their own preferences, without losing sight of the budget. The cost of the gate in Chernigov in the first place and depends on their type. The first will cost a bit more expensive - the automatic system is more complicated than that of the sliding ones. But the difference is not particularly significant, so you need to be guided by looking at the conditions in which they will be used, namely:

  1. Entrance features;
  2. Internal territory and its layout;
  3. Climatic conditions.

Consider each item separately..

Porch and its influence on the choice

If it is straight, without turns, you can choose any design. Otherwise, it is better to give preference to sliding gates - it will be easier to maneuver..

Features of the territory

Oar automatic gates are recommended to be installed when the territory is quite large, not loaded with objects that prevent the opening of the valves.

Climate features

In winter, snowdrifts can become an obstacle to the opening of the swing construction - you will first have to clean everything around from snow. For sliding structures, snow is not an obstacle.

We have considered external factors affecting the choice of type of design, now we will focus on the technical characteristics.


Depends on the size of transport, and on the conditions of access to the object. Here it is necessary to carefully calculate everything to avoid difficulties with entry and exit.

Automation power

It is influenced by the weight of the door structure itself, the operating conditions It is always necessary to take the option with a margin, since the conditions of use may change.


The brand must be known, with a good reputation, which is a guarantee of quality, safety, durability of the product.

Additional elements

Prices for gates in Chernihiv and the level of comfort depend on their presence or absence. These include photocells, motion sensors, lights.

Responsible approach to the selection and installation of automatic gates will save you unnecessary costs, help you choose the perfect model.


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