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Advantages and disadvantages of automatic barriers

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic barriers

Automatic barriers - advantages of use

Automatic barrier - a device that is designed to limit the access of vehicles to a protected or closed area. They are specially coated with reflective paint or bright color stickers. The automatic barrier can work even when power is off. It is convenient to use, because for the opening does not have to make a lot of effort. For their remote control are used a variety of mechanisms.

You can control the device using:

  • Radio controlled key fobs.
  • Magnetic cards.
  • Panels with a set of code.
  • Mechanical opening buttons.

Where automatic barriers are needed

They will never be redundant in such places:

  • Railroad crossings.
  • Guarded parking.
  • Yard of any house.
  • Prohibited to enter the territory.

Advantages of barriers

Automatic barriers operate at a voltage of 24 V, which means that they are absolutely safe. They are characterized by low price and high rates of work intensity. These devices do not take up much space, are efficient and easy to manage. Quality barriers are able to work smoothly for a long time regardless of weather conditions. Another advantage is the low cost of repairing the barrier. To replace the boom will be much more profitable than repairing the gate.

Barriers Comunello

The barrier from the brand Comunello - the best choice for the restriction of passages, whose width is 5-6 meters. It is powerful enough to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Reasons for choosing Comunello barriers:

  • Durable case.
  • High security.
  • Convenient management.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Existence of the functions "phototest" and "automatic programming".
  • Ability to connect additional accessories.

Barriers AN-Motors

Barriers AN-Motors reliable and durable enough. They are made in a steel case that provides reliable protection against damage. Due to the presence of additional features, you can customize the operation of the device even more accurately. These devices react quickly, so you are provided with more comfortable use. Thanks to the modern universal design, the purchased barrier will be able to harmoniously fit into any landscape of protected areas. Barriers AN-Motors in Chernigov are made taking into account all the technical and climatic characteristics and features of the CIS countries.

If you want to buy Comunello barriers in Chernihiv or other models from reputable manufacturers, please contact us. The online catalog contains a large selection of automatic barriers. All automation, on our website, is certified and has the manufacturer’s warranty. To ask the question of interest and find out how much your chosen automatic barrier costs, contact our specialists by calling the number listed on the website.


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