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How to calculate the size of sliding gates: recommendations to the buyer

How to calculate the size of sliding gates: recommendations to the buyer

Sliding gates - how to calculate the size correctly

Sliding gates are a good replacement for swing metal structures. This is an improved and functional protection of your territory. Convenient and easy to use, but to make them yourself is quite difficult. Before you buy a metal gate, you should understand how to correctly calculate their size.

There is a specially derived formula that simplifies the calculation of the data required for the installation of sliding gates. It includes such parameters as:

  1. The size of the opening and the height of the future gate.
  2. The type of sewing fabric.
  3. The size of the foundation.

Then, you need to know how much material is needed for the manufacture of a frame-frame, consisting of two types of shaped tubes and one guide.

The most common internal filling of the leaf of the gate of two types: metal or corrugated. Due to it, the reliability of the whole structure is ensured, but not only therefore it is necessary to purchase similar products to your site.

Why buy metal gates?

At least in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Weather conditions do not affect the supporting structure of the gate, since all elements are made of high-quality materials, reliably assembled and treated with special anti-corrosion solutions. But a lot depends on the purpose of the product, because it can perform different functions.

For what purposes is it worth buying a gate of corrugated flooring?

If you are an esthete at heart and love to apply new technologies to protect and save lives, then the gate of corrugated flooring is your option. Practically, they are amenable to any kind of processing, and due to their light weight it is a pleasure to exploit them. Moreover, they are a great addition for any exterior. It will be the right decision to buy the gates from corrugated flooring, because the product will serve you for many years, because it is not inferior in durability to other types, but it all depends on the cost of construction.

Prices for sliding gates

To understand this, you need to decide which option to protect the home is more to your liking. A huge selection of sliding gates in the range of our company will satisfy any, even the most fastidious buyer. From simple and concise solutions that are not inferior in functionality to luxurious and rich models for every taste. Prices for sliding gates vary greatly. Also differs in a variety of model range, starting from the gate of mechanical action, and ending with products with electric drive. To choose the right model, you should heed the advice of experts.

How to buy a sliding gate in Chernigov?

When purchasing a gate of this type, remember that their price is significantly different from the swing. If you want a quality product, then pay attention to the materials of manufacture.

Our professionals will help you to choose and buy sliding gates in Chernigov. Experts in their field are able to give you valuable advice and help determine the choice of the model that fits exactly on your site.


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