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Electric drives for gates Alutech

Electric drives for gates Alutech

Electric drives for garage gates Alutech

In the consumer market today there are many companies that produce various drives, allowing you to automate the gate. The best option is the products of the company Alutech. Products are perfectly adapted for use in our area. Electric actuators for Alutech gates are produced by the manufacturer from Belarus. He was one of the few who managed to combine affordable cost with reliability and comfort. With these devices it is worth getting closer.

What are electric drives for Alutech gates

Presented in the line of products of this brand are designed for use in harsh environments. For example:

  • Voltage fluctuations. It can jump at least 160, maximum 270 V.
  • Work in open areas. At the same time, the drive is able to function without failures, even when it is -25 degrees outside. If you additionally install a heating element, then the limiting temperature will drop to -50 degrees, which will allow the structure to operate smoothly in fierce frosts.
  • Temperature fluctuations. There is an integrated overheating protection device.

The design necessarily uses a worm made of steel, a sleeve made of bronze. Due to them, it is possible to significantly increase the resource. On average, it can be 30 thousand cycles. This is enough for more than 20 years of work. You will use it for a long time, which is why it is worth buying automation for garage doors.

The company produces several lines of electric drives, including Levigato, intended for garages. You can install on the gate, with an area of up to 18.6 square meters, and a height of 3 meters. At the same time the belt or chain lath is put.

It does not have to spend a lot of time to set up automation. The interface is clear and simple. Different positions are aligned automatically by a pair of taps. In addition to the above, the products differ in functionality.

Interesting electric drive capabilities

The Alutech device has many functions. The most attractive of them will be as follows:

  • The drive allows you to open the gate manually. This is true if the power is lost.
  • The presence of the gate. It is convenient to pass through it.
  • Settings. You can quickly adjust the extreme positions of the door leaves.
  • Braking. This feature allows you to prevent a strong blow when opening. This reduces the risk of damage to the valves during the sudden slamming.

In addition, you can adjust the efforts of the actuator, the speed of movement of the valves when closing / opening. Buy automatic sectional gate is complete with external illumination. Thus, the territory will be well lit at night. Moreover, turning on the work, the equipment checks the main components. Found faults are displayed on the screen.

In addition to the above, the products are different cost. Prices for automation for garage gates will pleasantly surprise everyone. We sell it cheaper than everywhere, as we work directly with the manufacturer. More profitable and durable drive Alutech, hard to find.


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