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How to choose automatics for swing gate structures

How to choose automatics for swing gate structures

Automation for swing gates - how to choose

It is not enough to choose high-quality, beautiful gates to your country plot, you need to automate them. The equipment will allow the fence to be used comfortably, but it is important to buy not the first available mechanism, but a truly reliable proven device. Moreover, it should ideally fit the design. From the end result depends on the convenience of operating the structure for a long time. Do not make a mistake when buying will help the rules of choice of automation for swing gates. Consider a lot of nuances.

Determining factors

There are certain aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing a device for various types of gates, including hinged gates. During the purchase is taken into account:

  • The mass of the valves. This parameter is considered the main one. Drives are designed for a specific weight. If you want the product to function for a long time, do not neglect the recommendations of our sellers.
  • Width. Be sure to take into account, since the weight may be the same for structures, and the sash mass - different. For example, two fences weigh half a ton each, but in one - the gate leaf is 2 meters wide, and in the second - 1.5 meters. Remember that wide flaps open more problematic.
  • Square. It is important to know that the automation of swing gates is experiencing additional stress during windy weather. When determining the total mass, this factor is taken into account. It is quite important, since the wind load can be about 50 kg per 1 sq. m. The indicator is calculated as follows: the width of the leaf is multiplied by the height, weight. To the number obtained add how much the sash weighs.
  • Ease of travel. Open the gate should effortlessly flick. If this is not observed, then automatics are to blame for 50%. The ease of operation depends on the duration of the product.
  • Intensity. Before you buy an automatic for swing gates in Chernigov, you need to approximately calculate this figure. It represents the ratio of the work done to the time spent on it. For example, the drive can be calculated at 40 cars per hour.

Many are accustomed to pay attention only to the cost, but in addition to the price of automatic for swing gates, you should consider the place of use of the equipment. For industrial sites it is necessary to choose powerful systems. These are additionally equipped with engine coolers, gearbox, which provides protection against overheating. That is why such equipment can be operated year-round, even in difficult climatic conditions.

On the question of where to buy automatics for swing gates, the answer is unequivocal - in our «Triumph WT» online store. Here, even systems for industrial facilities are sold at an affordable price. In addition, it offers a wide choice, favorable conditions for cooperation. Another bonus is shipping. It is possible in any corner of the country, as our company cooperates with many carriers. Our professional online store managers will help you to choose the perfect equipment.


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