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Optimal control for sliding gates

Optimal control for sliding gates

Device for controlling sliding gates - how to choose

The choice in this case depends on many factors. Competent approach will help you choose the optimal device for controlling the sliding gate. To buy metal gates is only half the battle, since it is not always convenient to open them yourself, especially in the case when the opening is very wide. Yes, and the design itself is quite heavy, so without automation here is not enough.

Modern automatic systems that supply sliding gates in Chernigov, greatly simplify their use, increase safety during operation.

Sliding gates in Chernigov and the choice of control device

Having decided to automate the sliding gates, a person faces a wide range of devices. Understand them and choose the best option will help the following tips. Pay attention to the following factors:

  • Weight of the structure itself;
  • The intensity of the load - how often they will be used. The load on industrial facilities is much greater than in residential sectors;
  • Opening width;
  • Climatic conditions and terrain features.

An inexperienced buyer often thinks that the higher the power of a device, the better. But this approach does not justify itself. After all, for a relatively light construction used for personal purposes there is no need to buy a drive designed for a canvas weighing a ton.

If automation is acquired on gates installed in industrial or commercial facilities, special attention is paid to the drive - it must withstand heavy loads. Industrial drives are equipped with a special cooling system, thanks to which, the service life is extended.

Weather conditions in our country also dictate their conditions. Therefore, it is preferable to choose automation with a power reserve, which will avoid problems caused by snow sticking and frosts.

When metal gates are used in the private sector, you can ignore such an indicator as the speed of opening. Another thing when it comes to commercial objects - in this case, this parameter plays a big role.

For private homes, garage suitable chain drive, perfectly coping with small loads. The axial drive is installed on objects with increased intensity.

Do not save on additional features such as photocells, warning lights, slowing down at the end and the beginning of work, partial opening options (wicket mode) and automatic closing.

Where to buy metal gates and control devices

Acquire both the gate itself and the control devices, should only be in proven companies. Only in this case, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of the design. Our experienced specialists of the company «Triumph WT» will always help you with a choice, and the cost of automation is as affordable as the price of a sliding gate.


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