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The advantages of industrial gates Alutech

The advantages of industrial gates Alutech

Industrial gates Alutech - advantages of use

The Belarusian brand Alutech, specializing in the production of various gates, has won not only the domestic market, but also the Ukrainian one, and also enjoys deserved popularity in Europe. The use of high-quality materials, innovative technologies, a high level of security are the reasons that the Alutech industrial gates have become a worthy competitor to well-known European brands.

The secret of the popularity of industrial sectional gates Alutech

Manufacturers are constantly improving the production process, thanks to which the products have several advantages, such as:

  • Increased strength, which provides resistance to shock, wind gusts, mechanical damage. The inner space is filled with a special filler, which increases the level of rigidity and resistance to deformation, eliminates the risk of delamination, the special design of the loops eliminates distortions, sagging;
  • Resistance to corrosion not only of the canvas, but of all internal elements. Zinc coating, high-quality enamels and primer protect the gate. This is especially important in areas of high humidity, coastal areas, where the air contains sea salt. Studies have shown that the industrial sectional gates Alutech can work for more than 15 years without interruption in such conditions, while maintaining the original appearance. Also, the fabric is resistant to chemical influences, not afraid of temperature changes, reliably protected from blistering under the influence of sunlight;
  • The high level of thermal insulation, which, according to research by the German laboratory Rosenheim GmbH, can be compared with the indicator of a 60 cm thick brick wall;
  • Excellent sealing;
  • Perfect balancing;
  • Easy, convenient installation;
  • Security. Special mechanisms and protective systems prevent the blade from falling if the torsion spring breaks or the cable breaks. Highly sensitive sensors of automated structures disable the drive in unforeseen situations. The panel is equipped with the function of protecting from pinching fingers, which meets European standards and safety requirements.;
  • A wide range, different control systems, a diverse palette will satisfy any needs and preferences.;
  • Stylish appearance that persists throughout use.

Industrial gates Alutech in Ukraine

Thanks to the company «Triumph WT» buy industrial sectional gates Alutech possible on the most favorable conditions. We are the official representative of the manufacturer, which guarantees high quality products, confirmed by certificates and warranty. The cost of the industrial door is very affordable - you do not have to overpay, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, durability and safety.


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