About us

The company «Triumph WT» in Chernigov

Who we are:

The company «Triumph WT» is the official partner of the Alutech Group of Companies, the gate of Alutech and the official dealer of the Italian automatics Comunello, as well as one of the largest suppliers of gates, barriers, fittings and automatics in the Chernigov region.

For more than 10 years, «Triumph WT» has been at the forefront of the Ukrainian gates and automatics market, every year we participate in exhibitions and forums to introduce Ukrainian consumers to new product models and modern trends from world-famous manufacturers.

What we offer:

Sectional Gates
(garage gates Alutech Classic, garage gates Alutech Trend, industrial gates, panoramic gates)

Security Rollets
(shutters on doors, window shutters, roller shutters, reinforced shutters, roller shutters, blinds with built-in boxes)

Automatic gates
(barriers An-Motors and Comunello)

Fittings for Rollback gates
(fittings for the production of sliding gates, rack racks, console systems)

Automation for gates
(automatics for sliding gates, automation for swing gates, automatics for garage gates, automation for protective rolls)

Rollback gates
(automatic sliding gates)

Swing Gate
(automatic swing gates)

Overloading equipment
(reloading platforms, sealers, tambours, bumpers)

Automatic bollards
(automatic retractable road blockers)

Why do we:

Official partner of Alutech Company

– thoroughly studied the market of world producers;
– We offer our customers more than 100 kinds of products of internationally recognized brands;
– in our store you can feel an excellent atmosphere and in comfortable conditions familiarize yourself with exhibition samples;
– our consultants will help to select all the necessary equipment for your facility and draw sketches;
– Our consulting engineers are trained at the plant of the company «Alutech» in Belarus;
– all the created sketches of the gate pass a strict check at the factory before obtaining approval for production;
– We specialize in gates and all the complexities and technical subtleties associated with the selection and installation of the gate will be decided on a professional level;
– our specialists will advise you on all issues related to the installation of gates, barriers and other equipment, they go to the measurements before and at the end of the installation, will help to make everything in the best possible form;
– we will help you to choose fittings and automatics for the gates or to install yours;
– only professional engineers work in the state;
– we even order Belarusians!

Make an order easily:

1. Contact us:
by calling or filling out the form on the website;

2. Please specify:
Our specialist will contact you and specify the details of the order;

3. Call the gage:
Our master will come to you and make accurate and correct measurements;

4. Delivery and installation:
We deliver and install all the equipment according to your wishes;

5. Enjoy an excellent result:
Now in your home or business will always be comfortable, beautiful, and quietly secure.

You will be pleased:

1. Our convenient location:
almost in the center of Chernigov;

2. Secured parking:
for 20 parking spaces (cars);

3. Professionals work:
highly skilled specialists in the state;

4. Modern equipment:
Certified modern equipment;

5. Comfortable resting area:
Coffee, free Wi-Fi.

And remember that:

1. The company provides a full range of services for maintenance of sectional garage and industrial gates;

2. Only original components and accessories of «Alutech» are used;

3. Manufacturing and installation is in accordance with the technologies and regulatory documents of the manufacturer.

The company provides an official guarantee for all types of goods and works!