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Protective roller blinds

Protective roller shutters in Chernigov: quality and reliability

Security shutters have long been popular as one of the most reliable ways to save windows and doors. This is not only a barrier, but also a stylish aesthetic design that will suit any type of interior. In appearance, the protective shutters in Chernigov are reminiscent of small strips (lamellas), which are connected to a single canvas. They can be controlled by a special mechanism. Just a few movements and rolling shutters quickly roll into a roll. The most common colors are brown, white, gray, metallic. But you can make an individual order for any other color.

The protective rolls consist of a web, guides, mechanism and controls / interlocks. They can have two methods of control – mechanical and automatic. But on the security indicators can be identified as follows:

  • foam-filled – reliably protect from sun rays, penetration of dust and noise, suitable for outlets, offices, salons
  • extruded – are characterized by higher reliability and stability characteristics, as well as impact resistance, so they are recommended for installation in private houses, ground floor flats, permanent places of people.

The advantages of roller shutters and their role in modern life

What are the main tasks of protective shutters, and why they should be installed:

1. This is a reliable protection of windows and doors from bad weather conditions;

2. Excellent insulation of noise, which is very important for tenants of holiday villages;

3. In the summer they help to keep cool, and in the winter – to keep heat (saving heat up to 20%!);

4. Create an aesthetic appeal to the room where they are installed;

5. You can mount both outside and inside the house;

6. Additional protection against hacking.

What is the advantage of installing a protective roller shutter:

  • simply mounted
  • Easily open
  • does not require special care;
  • have aesthetic appeal
  • create strong protection against hacking
  • resistant to external influences, resist cracking and flaking
  • Do not rust even when used outdoors, and retain the original color for a long time.

Create coziness and comfort with rolls in any room

Pleasant and affordable prices for protective shutters allow anyone to purchase them. Regardless of where you want to install them – in the country, in the garage or in the store, they everywhere will become an excellent practical and aesthetic addition. Therefore, if you decide to buy protective roller shutters aluminum or steel – it means that you exactly do the right thing. This is one of the most modern economical solutions, which will please you for many years. What does the price of protective shutters depend on:

  • Profile type
  • canvas size;
  • availability of additional components;
  • type of control.

In addition, you can buy protective roller shutters, which in addition to protection also permit visual contact with the outside world. This solution is great for shops where it’s very important to advertise your product even outside of working hours to maximize the attraction of customers.

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