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Built-in ducts

Rolling shutters with built-in box of Chernigov

The unique design of the integrated box system provides him with a number of advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance of the shutters;
  • Small niche sizes;
  • Optimal thermal insulation;
  • Protection of the box mechanism from moisture;
  • Various options for mounting the box;
  • The possibility of installing different types of drives;
  • Convenient maintenance.

The system of the built-in box consists of a few, but important in its constituent elements.

Firstly, this is the box itself, built into the niche, which makes it possible to hide the mechanism of the roller shutter in the facade of the building, by hiding the protective box in a previously prepared niche above the window or doorway. Further, it is a revision cover, which provides access to the roller shutter mechanism for convenient maintenance of the system and any service. The next element is the facade tire, which is the supporting part of the structure and, what is important, it provides the strengthening of the front part of the box. Directly the roller shutter for the built-in duct can be made of roller rolling profiles or extruded reinforced profiles of different colors. And here already decorative plaster, so it covers the frontal surface of the box and after completing all the finishing works forms a single whole with the facade of the building. Well, the insulation, which is now used constantly, consists of heat-insulating materials of various types, and if necessary, it protects the walls of the house from freezing and the formation of a bridge to the cold, which is very important for keeping warmth and comfort in your house in the winter.

Variants of installation of the built-in box

Depending on the stage at which the built-in box is installed, as well as the installation preferences, there are three main options for mounting the built-in box:

1. above the window opening;
2. in the window aperture;
3. with a partial overlapping of the window.

Each of these options in its own way, good and reliable for wide application.

Installation above the window opening is when the lower part of the box is flush with the top surface of the window. In this case, the maximum use of the light opening is ensured. This type of installation is recommended at the design or reconstruction stage of the building.

Installation with a partial overlap of the window opening is when the lower part of the box corresponds to the level of the upper cross member of the window or door frame. This type of installation involves preparing a shallow niche in the jumper of the opening for the installation of the box. It is important to remember that installing a roller shutter with a built-in box in the window opening or partially overlapping the window opening will slightly reduce the penetration of light into the room.

Installation in the window opening - with this installation option to prepare a niche in the room - there is absolutely no need. This type of installation of the box is used in buildings already built.

Planning and installation order of the built-in duct

The use of a roller with a built-in duct is recommended to plan at the design stage or reconstruction of your building, when it is possible to take into account all the features of installation and the requirements for the installation of the system:

1. correctly design a niche above the window/door;
2. determine the size of the box based on the height of the opening;
3. Select types and sizes of additional components.

Built-in box of the price of Chernigov

Anyone who plans to install good reliable protective shutters with a built-in box in Chernigov or the region has been looking for more than once, what is the cost of installing protective rollers with a built-in box or the price for protective shutters with a built-in box in Chernigov. We will try to help you as much as possible in this. Since there is some standard of the size of the window opening, we also have an approximate starting cost of the built-in box. If you have the same window openings, the size of 1200 x 1300 mm, then the rolls with built-in box, the price of which we have very profitable at the moment, will cost you - from 2298 UAH. for one copy. This is quite a competitive price for rolls with a built-in box in Chernigov, since our company «Triumph WT» is the official Partner of the company «Alutech», the producer of rolls data. In case your window opening is at least a little bit from the specified size, then it is better to contact our specialists by phone, and they will promptly and professionally prompt you and calculate your budget for installing rolls for your parameters. You can also do this by visiting our showroom store company «Triumph WT» in Chernigov, at ul. Instrumental, 1.

COST of roller shutters with built-in boxes in Chernigov

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