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Reinforced shutters

Today anti-vandal rollers are made of high-strength materials. They are designed to protect the premises from unauthorized intrusion. Such products are excellent for financial institutions, jewelry boutiques, cash departments. These devices are subject to increased requirements. Therefore, before starting the model of reinforced rolls in mass production, it is thoroughly tested for strength at the factory.

What are the design features of anti-burglary shutters?

The device consists of 5 important elements, which should be noted when choosing a product. Their list includes:

1. Reinforced profile extruded type. It contains a molded profile material made of aluminum. This makes it possible to save the reinforced rolls from the cutting tool.

2. Track rail. Its advantages include masking fasteners, the presence of protrusions for fastening locks located on the side. In anti-burglary shutters, the tire is placed on the opening through a special pipe.

3. Profile end device - allows you to automatically close the product.

4. Box - contains special extruded panels. Also anti-vandal roller blinds have decorative profile elements. They perform aesthetic functions. The variety of devices is quite wide, so the consumer can choose the most suitable option for their home or office space.

5. Covers made of reinforced steel.

How to buy antivandal rolls?

Before you buy the product, you need to make sure of its quality. First of all, you should pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer. The client should remember that reinforced shutters are much more expensive than conventional blinds. This is due not only to the design features, but also to the presence of high-strength materials and special components in the device.

Also the prices for reinforced rolls depend on the type of product, its configuration, size. The buyer must consider all these factors during the selection of the goods. An important role is played by the type of management and the availability of auxiliary functions. In the first case, a person can freely open and close the shutters using a remote control panel. Additional functionality introduced into the system of the device implies an increase in the cost of the product. However, its presence is not necessary. In general, the owner of the house has a set of standard features. The main thing is that the anti-burglary shutters fulfill their main task - they protect themselves from invasion by unauthorized persons into the premises of the house.

Modern roller blinds are made of a material that is not subjected to oxidation, mechanical action. Buy antivandal rolls from the manufacturer - it is advantageous to provide a reliable protection for many years. The design of the product will please even the most demanding customer. Prices for reinforced rolls depend on their size and technical equipment.

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