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Roller mounting

Rolling garage gates of Alutech in Chernigov

Rolling gates (rolling gates or roller bearings) are used mainly as garage gates, but also in some cases as entry gates in country houses, shopping center parking lots, car washes, warehouses and other facilities. Rolling is the ideal choice for any garage. In addition, they are excellent for protecting storage facilities and storefronts, windows of country houses, villas. The design of the roller shutters is also an advantage of these gates, since it is compact, light and easy to use, robust and quiet, reliable and durable.

Rolling gates are optimal, the best choice with the minimum space for opening and closing the gate, since these swivel castors can be used even in cases where other gate designs are technically impossible to establish. Rolled garage doors are made of a special profiled fabric, which is made from primary aluminum with a two-layer protective coating, with excellent characteristics. From inside, it is filled with a foam compound, which ensures excellent heat and noise insulation. For the penetration of natural light through the roller shutter door, extruded viewing profiles with transparent polycarbonate inserts are used. In the event that additional ventilation is required, there are special ventilation profiles.

Rolling gates or rolling, as they are also called, consist of a protective box, a cloth with a more rigid aluminum profile, and guides. During the opening, the canvas, moving along the guides, is twisted into a box, while winding on the shaft that is in the protective box. The structure is placed above the opening or at the top of it. Due to the large area, the roller shutter usually uses an automatic drive.

The main advantages of rolling gates

1. Low cost of rolling gates, if you need a budget solution for a garage;

2. The compactness of the gate, which allows you to install the system with a small garage. And after installation, the ceiling remains free, and the rolling gate does not interfere with the passing communications. Rolling garage doors can be installed when the height of the doorway is limited, because the shaft does not need extra space;

3. Quick installation of roller shutters. Installation of rolling gates can be planned at the design stage of a new facility or installed on a constructed facility;

4. Reliability of rolling gates. Well protect from extraneous views, sunlight and other weather factors - precipitation, wind. The surface of aluminum profiled rolled products, from which the fabric is made, has been treated in a special way - anodized. It is thanks to this that it becomes possible to apply several layers of special powder paint to the canvas. Therefore, they easily tolerate various temperature fluctuations, any precipitation and even strong mechanical effects.

Our company «Triumph WT» is the official representative of «Alutech» for the sale and installation of roller shutters in Chernigov. Therefore, we have the best conditions for Alutech products! It also allows to effectively control the quality of the products at all stages of the life cycle - from the design of the gate to the delivery of finished products to our customers. In our company, customers have the opportunity to choose a roller shutter garage door from various materials, as well as in a variety of colors. In the end, with us you can find the perfect product for the convenience and functionality of your garage or home.

Rolled gates Alutech - it's quite strong and reliable gates, designed for long and intensive operation. They are absolutely not susceptible to corrosion, have high burglar resistance, are beautiful and functional. And since only high-quality materials and the latest equipment are used in the production of Alutech gates, namely: burglarproof, anti-vandal and extruded profiles are used, this at times increases the protective properties and extends the service life of the Alutech roller shutters.


To clarify the full and current cost of the Alutech roller shutter in Chernigov, you can directly contact our specialists at Triumph VT by calling the numbers on our website. But in advance, we can orient you that for this type of fencing, like a roller shutter, the price is from 8089 UAH. This minimum cost is calculated for the opening of the following size: 2000 x 2000 mm. If you need to close an opening that is even slightly larger than this example, then in any case it is better for you to specify the prices of the roller shutters in our consultants. They will also tell you what will be the total cost of installing the Alutech roller shutter in Chernigov or the region, depending on the material of the gate, installation, and delivery of the structure to the installation site of your roller shutters.


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